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116 STAT. 2662 PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 TITLE XII—MATTERS RELATING TO OTHER NATIONS Sec. 1201. Authority to provide administrative services and support for coalition liaison officers. Sec. 1202. Authority to pay for certain travel of defense personnel of countries participating in NATO Partnership for Peace program. Sec. 1203. Limitation on funding for Joint Data Exchange Center in Moscow. Sec. 1204. Support of United Nations-sponsored efforts to inspect and monitor Iraqi weapons activities. Sec. 1205. Comprehensive annual report to Congress on coordination and integration of all United States nonproliferation activities. Sec. 1206. Report requirement regarding Russian proliferation to Iran and other countries of proliferation concern. Sec. 1207. Monitoring of implementation of 1979 agreement between the United States and China on cooperation in science and technology. Sec. 1208. Extension of certain counterproliferation activities and programs. Sec. 1209. Semiannual report by Director of Central Intelligence on contributions by foreign persons to efforts by countries of proliferation concern to obtain weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems. Sec. 1210. Report on feasibility and advisability of senior officer exchanges between the Armed Forces of the United States and the military forces of Taiwan. Sec. 1211. Report on United States force structure in the Pacific. SEC. 1201. AUTHORITY TO PROVIDE ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES AND SUPPORT FOR COALITION LIAISON OFFICERS. (a) AUTHORITY. — (1) Chapter 53 of title 10, United States Code, is amended by inserting after section 1051 the following new section: '^§ 1051a. Coalition liaison officers: administrative services and support; travel, subsistence, and other personal expenses "(a) AUTHORITY.—The Secretary of Defense may provide administrative services and support for the performance of duties by a liaison officer of another nation involved in a coalition with the United States while the liaison officer is assigned temporarily to the headquarters of a combatant command, component command, or subordinate operational command of the United States in connection with the planning for, or conduct of, a coalition operation. "(b) TRAVEL AND SUBSISTENCE EXPENSES.— (1) The Secretary may pay the expenses specified in paragraph (2) of a liaison officer of a developing country in connection with the assignment of that officer to the headquarters of a combatant command as described in subsection (a), if the assignment is requested by the commander of the combatant command. "(2) Expenses of a liaison officer that may be paid under paragraph (1) in connection with an assignment described in that paragraph are the following: "(A) Travel and subsistence expenses. "(B) Personal expenses directly necessary to carry out the duties of that officer in connection with that assignment. "(c) REIMBURSEMENT. — To the extent that the Secretary determines appropriate, the Secretary may provide the services and support authorized by subsection (a) and the expenses authorized by subsection (b) with or without reimbursement from (or on behalf of) the recipients. " (d) DEFINITIONS. —In this section: "(1) The term 'administrative services and support' includes base or installation support services, office space, utilities,