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116 STAT. 2712 PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 (3) A Native Corporation (as defined in section 3 of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (43 U.S.C. 1602)). (4) The Metlakatla Indian Community. (c) COVERED PROPERTY.— Subsection (a) applies to real property located in the State of Alaska that— (1) is under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Army and, before December 2, 1980, was under such jurisdiction for the use of the Alaska National Guard; (2) is located in a unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System designated in the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (Public Law 96-487; 16 U.S.C. 668dd note); (3) is excess to the needs of the Alaska National Guard and the Department of Defense; and (4) the Secretary determines that— (A) the anticipated cost to the United States of retaining the property exceeds the value of such property; or (B) the condition of the property makes it unsuitable for retention by the United States. (d) CONSIDERATION. —The conveyance of real property under this section shall, at the election of the Secretary, be for no consideration or for consideration in an amount determined by the Secretary to be appropriate under the circumstances. (e) USE OF CONSIDERATION.—I f consideration is received for the conveyance of real property under subsection (a), the Secretary may use the amounts received, in such amounts as are provided in appropriations Acts, to pay for— (1) the cost of a survey described in subsection (f) with respect to the property; (2) the cost of carrying out any environmental assessment, study, or analysis, and any remediation, that may be required under Federal law, or is considered appropriate by the Secretary, in connection with the property or the conveyance of the property; and (3) any other costs incurred by the Secretary in conveying the property. (f) DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY.—The exact acreage and legal description of any real property to be conveyed under subsection (a) shall be determined by a survey satisfactory to the Secretary. (g) ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.— The Secretary may require such additional terms and conditions in connection with a conveyance of real property under this section as the Secretary considers appropriate to protect the interests of the United States. SEC. 2823. LAND CONVEYANCE, SUNFLOWER ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT, KANSAS. (a) CONVEYANCE AUTHORIZED.—The Administrator of General Services may convey to the Johnson County Park and Recreation District, Kansas (in this section referred to as the "District"), all right, title, and interest of the United States in and to a parcel of real property, including any improvements thereon, at the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant in the State of Kansas consisting of approximately 2,000 acres. (b) BASIS OF CONVEYANCE.—The conveyance under this section shall be made in a manner consistent with section 550(e) of title 40, United States Code, for the purpose of permitting the District to use the conveyed property for public recreational purposes.