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116 STAT. 2462 PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 Sec. 353. Installation and connection policy and procedures regarding Defense Switch Network. Subtitle G—Other Matters Sec. 361. Distribution of monthly reports on allocation of funds within operation and maintenance budget subactivities. Sec. 362. Continuation of arsenal support program initiative. Sec. 363. Extension of work safety demonstration program. Sec. 364. Condition on authority of Defense Security Service to impose fees on feefor-service basis. Sec. 365. Logistics support and services for weapon systems contractors. Sec. 366. Training range sustainment plan, Global Status of Resources and Training System, and training range inventory. Sec. 367. Engineering study and environmental analysis of road modifications in vicinity of Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Sec. 368. Reauthorization of warranty claims recovery pilot program. Sec. 369. Expanded eligibility for loan, gift, or exchange of documents, historical artifacts, and condemned or obsolete combat materiel. TITLE IV—MILITARY PERSONNEL AUTHORIZATIONS Subtitle A—Active Forces Sec. 401. End strengths for active forces. Sec. 402. Revision in permanent end strength minimum levels. Sec. 403. Expanded authority for administrative increases in statutory active-duty end strengths. Sec. 404. General and flag officer management. Sec. 405. Extension of certain authorities relating to management of numbers of general and flag officers in certain grades. Sec. 406. Increase in authorized strengths for Marine Corps officers on active duty in the grade of colonel. Subtitle B—Reserve Forces Sec. 411. End strengths for Selected Reserve. Sec. 412. End strengths for Reserves on active duty in support of the reserves. Sec. 413. End strengths for military technicians (dual status). Sec. 414. Fiscal year 2003 limitation on non-dual status technicians. Subtitle C—Authorization of Appropriations Sec. 421. Authorization of appropriations for military personnel. TITLE V—MILITARY PERSONNEL POLICY Subtitle A—Officer Personnel Policy Sec. 501. Extension of good-of-the-service waiver authority for officers appointed to a Reserve Chief or Guard Director position. Sec. 502. Exclusion of certain officers from limitation on authority to grant a waiver of required completion or sequencing for joint professional military education. Sec. 503. Extension and codification of authority for recall of retired aviators to active duty. Sec. 504. Grades for certain positions. Sec. 505. Reinstatement of authority to reduce three-year time-in-grade requirement for retirement in grade for officers in grades above major and lieutenant commander. Sec. 506. Authority to require that an officer take leave pending review of a recommendation for removal by a board of inquiry. Subtitle B—Reserve Component Management Sec. 511. Reviews of National Guard strength accounting and management and other issues. Sec. 512. Courts-martial for the National Guard when not in Federal service. Sec. 513. Fiscal year 2003 funding for military personnel costs of reserve component Special Operations Forces personnel engaged in humanitarian assistance activities relating to clearing of landmines. Sec. 514. Use of Reserves to perform duties relating to defense against terrorism. Sec. 515. Repeal of prohibition on use of Air Force Reserve AGR personnel for Air Force base security functions. Subtitle C—Reserve Component Officer Personnel Policy Sec. 521. Eligibility for consideration for promotion to grade of major general for certain reserve component brigadier generals who do not otherwise qualify for consideration for promotion under the one-year rule.