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116 STAT. 2844 PUBLIC LAW 107-331—DEC. 13, 2002 (c) DEFINITIONS. —For the purposes of this title: (1) AUTHORITY.—The term "Authority" means the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority of Oklahoma, an agency of the State of Oklahoma. (2) CENTER.— The term "Center" means the Native American Cultural Center and Museum authorized pursuant to this section. (3) SECRETARY.—The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Interior. (d) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. —T here are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary to grant assistance under subsection (b)(1), $8,250,000 for each of fiscal years 2003 through 2006. TITLE rV—TRANSMISSION OF POWER FROM INDIAN LANDS IN OKLAHOMA SEC. 401. TANSMISSION OF POWER FROM INDIAN LANDS IN OKLA- HOMA, To the extent the Southwestern Power Administration makes transmission capacity available without replacing the present capacity of existing users of the Administration's transmission system, the Administrator of the Southwestern Power Administration shall take such actions as may be necessary, in accordance with all applicable Federal law, to make the transmission services of the Administration available for the transmission of electric power generated at facilities located on land within the jurisdictional area of any Oklahoma Indian tribe (as determined by the Secretary of the Interior) recognized by the Secretary as eligible for trust land status under part 151 of title 25, Code of Federal Regulations. The owner or operator of the generation facilities concerned shall reimburse the Administrator for all costs of such actions in accordance with standards applicable to payment of such costs by other users of the Southwestern Power Administration transmission system. TITLE V—PECHANGA TRIBE SEC. 501. LAND OF PECHANGA BAND OF LUISENO MISSION INDIANS. (a) LIMITATION ON CONVEYANCE.—Land described in subsection (b) (or any interest in that land) shall not be voluntarily or involuntarily transferred or otherwise made available for condemnation until the date on which— (1)(A) the Secretary of the Interior renders a final decision on the fee to trust application pending on the date of the enactment of this title concerning the land; and (B) final decisions have been rendered regarding all appeals relating to that application decision; or (2) the fee to trust application described in paragraph (1)(A) is withdrawn. (b) DESCRIPTION OF LAND. —The land referred to in subsection (a) is land located in Riverside County, California, that is held in fee by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, as described in Document No. 211130 of the Office of the Recorder, Riverside County, California, and recorded on May 15, 2001.