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116 STAT. 2500 PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 10 USC 2358 SEC. 245, VEHICLE FUEL CELL PROGRAM. (a) PROGRAM REQUIRED.— The Secretary of Defense shall carry out a program for the development of vehicle fuel cell technology. (b) GOALS AND OBJECTIVES. —The goals and objectives of the program shall be as follows: (1) To identify and support technological advances that are necessary for the development of fuel cell technology for use in vehicles of types to be used by the Department of Defense. (2) To ensure that critical technology advances are shared among the various fuel cell technology programs within the Federal Government. (3) To maximize the leverage of Federal funds that are used for the development of fuel cell technology. (c) CONTENT OF PROGRAM. —The program shall include— (1) development of vehicle propulsion technologies and fuel cell auxiliary power units, together with pilot projects for the demonstration of such technologies, as appropriate; and (2) development of technologies necessary to address critical issues with respect to vehicle fuel cells, such as issues relating to hydrogen storage and hydrogen fuel infrastructure. (d) COOPERATION WITH INDUSTRY. —(1) The Secretary shall carry out the program in cooperation with companies selected by the Secretary. The Secretary shall select such companies from among— (A) companies in the automobile and truck manufacturing industry; (B) companies in the business of supplying systems and components to that industry; and (C) companies in any other industries that the Secretary considers appropriate. (2) The Secretary may enter into a cooperative agreement with one or more companies selected under paragraph (1) to establish an entity for carrying out activities required by subsection (c). (3) The Secretary shall ensure that companies referred to in paragraph (1) collectively contribute, in cash or in kind, not less than one-half of the total cost of carrying out the program under this section. (e) COORDINATION WITH OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES. — The Secretary shall carry out the program using a coordinating mechanism for sharing information and resources with the Department of Energy and other Federal agencies. (f) INTIAL FUNDING.— Of the funds authorized to be appropriated by section 201(4), $10,000,000 shall be available for the program required by this section. 10 USC 2358 SEC. 246. DEFENSE NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOP- note. MENT PROGRAM. (a) ESTABLISHMENT.—The Secretary of Defense shall carry out a defense nanotechnology research and development program. (b) PURPOSES. —The purposes of the program are as follows: (1) To ensure United States global superiority in nanotechnology necessary for meeting national security requirements. (2) To coordinate all nanoscale research and development within the Department of Defense, and to provide for interagency cooperation and collaboration on nanoscale research