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[117 STAT. 1163]
[117 STAT. 1163]
PUBLIC LAW 107-000—MMMM. DD, 2003

PUBLIC LAW 108–94—OCT. 3, 2003

117 STAT. 1163

Public Law 108–94 108th Congress An Act To direct the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a study of Coltsville in the State of Connecticut for potential inclusion in the National Park System.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE.

Oct. 3, 2003 [S. 233] Coltsville Study Act of 2003.

This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Coltsville Study Act of 2003’’. SEC. 2. FINDINGS.

Congress finds that— (1) Hartford, Connecticut, home to Colt Manufacturing Company (referred to in this Act as ‘‘Colt’’), played a major role in the Industrial Revolution; (2) Samuel Colt, founder of Colt, and his wife, Elizabeth Colt, inspired Coltsville, a community in the State of Connecticut that flourished during the Industrial Revolution and included Victorian mansions, an open green area, botanical gardens, and a deer park; (3) the residence of Samuel and Elizabeth Colt in Hartford, Connecticut, known as ‘‘Armsmear’’, is a national historic landmark, and the distinctive Colt factory is a prominent feature of the Hartford, Connecticut, skyline; (4) the Colt legacy is not only about firearms, but also about industrial innovation and the development of technology that would change the way of life in the United States, including— (A) the development of telegraph technology; and (B) advancements in jet engine technology by Francis Pratt and Amos Whitney, who served as apprentices at Colt; (5) Coltsville— (A) set the standard for excellence during the Industrial Revolution; and (B) continues to prove significant— (i) as a place in which people of the United States can learn about that important period in history; and (ii) by reason of the close proximity of Coltsville to the Mark Twain House, Trinity College, Old North Cemetery, and many historic homesteads and architecturally renowned buildings; (6) in 1998, the National Park Service conducted a special resource reconnaissance study of the Connecticut River Valley to evaluate the significance of precision manufacturing sites; and

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