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[117 STAT. 1277]
[117 STAT. 1277]
PUBLIC LAW 107-000—MMMM. DD, 2003

PUBLIC LAW 108–108—NOV. 10, 2003

117 STAT. 1277

submit to the Secretary for approval a management plan for the Heritage Area. (2) CONSIDERATION OF OTHER PLANS AND ACTIONS.—In developing the management plan, the management entity shall— (A) for the purpose of presenting a unified preservation and interpretation plan, take into consideration Federal, State, and local plans; and (B) provide for the participation of residents, public agencies, and private organizations in the Heritage Area. (3) CONTENTS.—The management plan shall— (A) present comprehensive recommendations and strategies for the conservation, funding, management, and development of the Heritage Area; (B) identify existing and potential sources of Federal and non-Federal funding for the conservation, management, and development of the Heritage Area; and (C) include— (i) an inventory of the cultural, historical, natural, and recreational resources of the Heritage Area, including a list of property that— (I) relates to the purposes of the Heritage Area; and (II) should be conserved, restored, managed, developed, or maintained because of the significance of the property; (ii) a program of strategies and actions for the implementation of the management plan that identifies the roles of agencies and organizations that are involved in the implementation of the management plan; (iii) an interpretive and educational plan for the Heritage Area; (iv) a recommendation of policies for resource management and protection that develop intergovernmental cooperative agreements to manage and protect the cultural, historical, natural, and recreational resources of the Heritage Area; and (v) an analysis of ways in which Federal, State, and local programs may best be coordinated to promote the purposes of this section. (4) EFFECT OF FAILURE TO SUBMIT.—If a management plan is not submitted to the Secretary by the date described in paragraph (1), the Secretary shall not provide any additional funding under this section until a management plan is submitted to the Secretary. (5) APPROVAL OR DISAPPROVAL OF MANAGEMENT PLAN.— (A) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 90 days after receiving the management plan submitted under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall approve or disapprove the management plan. (B) CRITERIA.—In determining whether to approve the management plan, the Secretary shall consider whether the management plan— (i) has strong local support from landowners, business interests, nonprofit organizations, and governments in the Heritage Area; and

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