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[117 STAT. 2005]
[117 STAT. 2005]
PUBLIC LAW 107-000—MMMM. DD, 2003

PUBLIC LAW 108–159—DEC. 4, 2003

117 STAT. 2005

(G) understand resources that ought to be easily accessible and affordable, and that inform and educate investors as to their rights and avenues of recourse when an investor believes his or her rights have been violated by unprofessional conduct of market intermediaries; (H) increase awareness of the particular financial needs and financial transactions (such as the sending of remittances) of consumers who are targeted in multilingual financial literacy and education programs and improve the development and distribution of multilingual financial literacy and education materials; (I) promote bringing individuals who lack basic banking services into the financial mainstream by opening and maintaining an account with a financial institution; and (J) improve financial literacy and education through all other related skills, including personal finance and related economic education, with the primary goal of programs not simply to improve knowledge, but rather to improve consumers’ financial choices and outcomes. (b) WEBSITE.— (1) IN GENERAL.—The Commission shall establish and maintain a website, such as the domain name ‘‘’’, or a similar domain name. (2) PURPOSES.—The website established under paragraph (1) shall— (A) serve as a clearinghouse of information about Federal financial literacy and education programs; (B) provide a coordinated entry point for accessing information about all Federal publications, grants, and materials promoting enhanced financial literacy and education; (C) offer information on all Federal grants to promote financial literacy and education, and on how to target, apply for, and receive a grant that is most appropriate under the circumstances; (D) as the Commission considers appropriate, feature website links to efforts that have no commercial content and that feature information about financial literacy and education programs, materials, or campaigns; and (E) offer such other information as the Commission finds appropriate to share with the public in the fulfillment of its purpose. (c) TOLL-FREE HOTLINE.—The Commission shall establish a toll-free telephone number that shall be made available to members of the public seeking information about issues pertaining to financial literacy and education. (d) DEVELOPMENT AND DISSEMINATION OF MATERIALS.—The Commission shall— (1) develop materials to promote financial literacy and education; and (2) disseminate such materials to the general public. (e) COORDINATION OF EFFORTS.—The Commission shall take such steps as are necessary to coordinate and promote financial literacy and education efforts at the State and local level, including promoting partnerships among Federal, State, and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private enterprises.

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