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[119 STAT. 3144]
[119 STAT. 3144]
PUBLIC LAW 109-000—MMMM. DD, 2005

119 STAT. 3144






Sec. 701. Enhancement of TRICARE Reserve Select program. Sec. 702. Expanded eligibility of members of the Selected Reserve under the TRICARE program. SUBTITLE B—TRICARE PROGRAM IMPROVEMENTS Sec. 711. Additional information required by surveys on TRICARE Standard. Sec. 712. Availability of chiropractic health care services. Sec. 713. Surviving-dependent eligibility under TRICARE dental plan for surviving spouses who were on active duty at time of death of military spouse. Sec. 714. Exceptional eligibility for TRICARE Prime Remote. Sec. 715. Increased period of continued TRICARE Prime coverage of children of members of the uniformed services who die while serving on active duty for a period of more than 30 days. Sec. 716. TRICARE Standard in TRICARE Regional Offices. Sec. 717. Qualifications for individuals serving as TRICARE Regional Directors. SUBTITLE C—MENTAL HEALTH-RELATED PROVISIONS Sec. 721. Program for mental health awareness for dependents and pilot project on post traumatic stress disorder. Sec. 722. Pilot projects on early diagnosis and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions. Sec. 723. Department of Defense task force on mental health. SUBTITLE D—STUDIES



Sec. 731. Study relating to predeployment and postdeployment medical exams of certain members of the Armed Forces. Sec. 732. Requirements for physical examinations and medical and dental readiness for members of the Selected Reserve not on active duty. Sec. 733. Report on delivery of health care benefits through the military health care system. Sec. 734. Comptroller General studies and report on differential payments to children’s hospitals for health care for children dependents and maximum allowable charge for obstetrical care services under TRICARE. Sec. 735. Report on the Department of Defense AHLTA global electronic health record system. Sec. 736. Comptroller General study and report on Vaccine Healthcare Centers. Sec. 737. Report on adverse health events associated with use of anti-malarial drugs. Sec. 738. Report on Reserve dental insurance program. Sec. 739. Demonstration project study on Medicare Advantage regional preferred provider organization option for TRICARE-medicare dual-eligible beneficiaries. Sec. 740. Pilot projects on pediatric early literacy among children of members of the Armed Forces. SUBTITLE E—OTHER MATTERS Sec. 741. Authority to relocate patient safety center; renaming MedTeams Program. Sec. 742. Modification of health care quality information and technology enhancement reporting requirement. Sec. 743. Correction to eligibility of certain Reserve officers for military health care pending active duty following commissioning. Sec. 744. Prohibition on conversions of military medical and dental positions to civilian medical positions until submission of certification. Sec. 745. Clarification of inclusion of dental care in medical readiness tracking and health surveillance program. Sec. 746. Cooperative outreach to members and former members of the naval service exposed to environmental factors related to sarcoidosis. Sec. 747. Repeal of requirement for Comptroller General reviews of certain Department of Defense-Department of Veterans Affairs projects on sharing of health care resources. Sec. 748. Pandemic avian flu preparedness. Sec. 749. Follow up assistance for members of the Armed Forces after preseparation physical examinations. Sec. 750. Policy on role of military medical and behavioral science personnel in interrogation of detainees.

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