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[119 STAT. 867]
[119 STAT. 867]
PUBLIC LAW 109-000—MMMM. DD, 2005

PUBLIC LAW 109–58—AUG. 8, 2005

119 STAT. 867

(C) to facilitate the commercial transition toward direct current power transmission, storage, and use for high power systems using high temperature superconductivity; and (D) to facilitate the integration of very low impedance high temperature superconducting wires and cables in existing electric networks to improve system performance, power flow control, and reliability. (3) INCLUSIONS.—The Initiative shall include— (A) feasibility analysis, planning, research, and design to construct demonstrations of superconducting links in high power, direct current, and controllable alternating current transmission systems; (B) public-private partnerships to demonstrate deployment of high temperature superconducting cable into testbeds simulating a realistic transmission grid and under varying transmission conditions, including actual grid insertions; and (C) testbeds developed in cooperation with National Laboratories, industries, and institutions of higher education to— (i) demonstrate those technologies; (ii) prepare the technologies for commercial introduction; and (iii) address cost or performance roadblocks to successful commercial use. (f) TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION GRID PLANNING AND OPERATIONS INITIATIVE.— (1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall establish a research, development, and demonstration initiative specifically focused on tools needed to plan, operate, and expand the transmission and distribution grids in the presence of competitive market mechanisms for energy, load demand, customer response, and ancillary services. (2) GOALS.—The goals of the Initiative shall be— (A)(i) to develop and use a geographically distributed center, consisting of institutions of higher education, and National Laboratories, with expertise and facilities to develop the underlying theory and software for power system application; and (ii) to ensure commercial development in partnership with software vendors and utilities; (B) to provide technical leadership in engineering and economic analysis for the reliability and efficiency of power systems planning and operations in the presence of competitive markets for electricity; (C) to model, simulate, and experiment with new market mechanisms and operating practices to understand and optimize those new methods before actual use; and (D) to provide technical support and technology transfer to electric utilities and other participants in the domestic electric industry and marketplace. (g) HIGH-VOLTAGE TRANSMISSION LINES.—As part of the program described in subsection (a), the Secretary shall award a grant to a university research program to design and test, in consultation with the Tennessee Valley Authority, state-of-the-art optimization

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