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1250 TREATY WITH THE CHIPPEWA INDIANS. Maxon 11, 1863 lake of the same name; thence due south to a point due west from the beginning; thence to the place of beginning. Annuities. ARTICLE III. In consideration of the foregoing cession to the United States, and the valuable improvements thereon, the United States further agree : 1st. To extend the present annuities of the Indians, parties to this treaty, for ten years beyond the periods respectively named in existing treaties; 2nd. And to pay toward the settlement of the claims for depredations committed by said Indians in 1862, the sum of thirty thousand dollars ; See Amend~ 3d. To enable said Indians to pay their present just engagements, the m°““· l’· 331* sum of thirty thousand dollars, as the chiefs in council may direct; 4th. To the chiefs of the Chippewas of the Mississippi, sixteen thousand dollars, (provided they shall pay to the chiefs of the Pillager and Lake Winibigoshish bands one thousand dollars,) to be paid upon the signing of this treaty, out of the arrearages due under the 9th article of the treaty concluded at La Pointe, in the State of Wisconsin, on the 30th September, 1854; 5th. And to pay the expenses incurred by the legislature of the State of Minnesota, in the month of September, 1862, in sending commissioners to visit the Chippewa Indians, amounting to thirteen hundred and thirty-eight dollars and seventy-five cents. Rm,,.,,;;,,, to ARTICLE IV. The United States further agree to clear, stump, grub, beclwsd, &¤-»i¤ and break in, the reservation hereby set apart for the Chippewas of theMisl°“‘ sissippi, in lots of not less than ten acres each, at such point or points as the Sec Amana_ chiefs of each band may select, as follows, viz: For the Gull Lake band, ments, p. 331. seventy acres ; for the Mille Lac band, seventy acres; for the Sandy Lake band, fifty acres; for the Pokagomin band, Htty acres; for the Rabbit Lake band, forty acres; for the Rice Lake band, twenty acres; and to Houses for build for the chiefs of said bands one house each, of the following descrip— °hl¤*`¤· tion: to be constructed of hewn logs ; to be sixteen by twenty feet each, and two stories high; to be roofed with good shaved pine shingles; the floors to be of seasoned pine-plank, jointed ; stone or brick fire places and chimneys; three windows in lower story and two in the upper story, with good substantial shutters to each, and suitable doors; said houses to be pointed with lime mortar. 0,,,,, ,,,6 ,,,0;, Anrrcna V. The United States agree to furnish to said Indians, parties to this treaty, ten yoke of good, steady, work oxen, and twenty log See Amend- chains, annually, for ten years, provided the Indians shall take proper mem; P- im- care of; and make proper use of the same ; also, for the same period, annually, two hundred grubbing hoes, ten ploughs, ten grind stones, one hundred axes, handled, not to exceed in weight three and one half pounds Cu www each ; twenty spades. Also. two carpenters and two blacksmiths, and four ,,,,_,kSl;,,;,h,,jg,,,_ farm laborers, and one physician. Sawmm ARTICLE VI. The United States further agree to remove the saw- ` mill from Gull Lake reservation, to such point on the new reservation Se, Amend. hereby set apart as may be selected by the agent, and to keep the same in ments, P· $3r good running order, and to employ a competent sawyer, so long as the President of the United States may deem it necessary; and to extend the road between Gull Lake and Leech Lake, from the last named lake to the junction of the Mississippi and Leech Lake Rivers; and to remove the agency to said junction, or as near thereto as practicable. Board of ,,;,,;,_ ARTICLE VII. There shall be a board of visitors, to consist of not less orsm be present than two nor more than five persons, to be selected from such Christian

e:‘;‘_“‘°Y l’“Y` denomination or denominations as the chiefs in council may designate,

whose duty it shall he to be present at all annuity payments to the In- S A d dians, whether of goods, moneys, provisions, or other articles, and to inme:;’P_"$°§}_` spect the fields, buildings, mills, and other improvements, made or to be made, and to report annually thereon on or before the first day of November; and also as to the qualifications and moral deportment of all persons residing upon the reservation under the sanction of law or regulation; and they shall receive for their services five dollars per day for