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506 THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 133. 1862. For payments in lieu of clothing for oti‘icers’ servants, seventy-one thousand six hundred and thirty dollars. Pny of Vs1mi- For pay of volunteers under acts of twenty-second and twenty-fifth of °°°"“· Jul eighteen hundred and sixty-one, two hundred and twenty-six mil. 1861. on s 17. _ Ys 3 . . Ante, pp. 268,,274. l10D two hundred and eighty-three thousand two hundred and eighty-two Limit to num- dollars :` Provided, That the President shall not be authorized to appoint l’°",°f““:l°"‘S°“‘ more than forty major-generals, nor more than two hundred brigadierliigpgau btw- generals. And all acts and parts of acts authorizing a greater number of major and brigadier-generals than are above provided for, are hereby repealed. Subsistence_ For subsistence in kind for regulars and volunteers, seventy-eight million three hundred and eighty-six thousand six hundred and forty dollars and eighty cents. , _ _ Q,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.-, For the regular supplies of the quartermasters department, consisting dnpnrtnnsnt- of fuel for the officers, enlisted men, guard, hospitals, storehouses, and offices; of forage in kind for the horses, mules, and oxen, of the quartermaster’s department at the several posts and stations, and with the armies in the field; for the horses of the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of artillery, and such companies of infantry as may be mounted, and for the authorized number of oti·icers’ horses when serving in the field and at the outposts, including bedding for the animals; of straw for soldiers’ bedding, and of stationery, including blank books for the quartermaster’s department, certificates for discharged soldiers, blank forms for the pay and quartermasters departments; and for the printing of division and department orders and reports, thirty-six million nine hundred and twelve thousand dollars. Incidental ex- For the incidental expenses of the quartermaster’s department, consist- Qziiigfqxfixf ing of postage on letters and packets received and sent by officers of the muy,. army on public service; expenses of courts—martia1 and courts of inquiry, including the additional compensation of judge advocates, recorders, members, and witnesses, while on that service, under the act of March six- 2113%*- dl- 9· 99 teenth, eighteen hundred and two; extra pay to soldiers employed, under h,,lQ,,_p_ 13G_ the direction of the quartermaster’s department, in the erection of barracks, quarters, storehouses, and hospitals; in the construction of roads 18,9, ch_ 45_ and on other constant labor, for periods of not less than ten days, under Vol. iii. p. 488. the acts of March second, eighteen hundred and nineteen, and August l8¤4.¢Y¤·2·!7.§ 6- fourth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, including those employed as clerks V°l"“' I" M6' at division and department headquarters; expenses of expresses to and from the frontier posts and armies in the field; of escorts to paymasters and other disbursing officers and to trains where military escorts cannot be furnished; expenses of the interment of officers killed in action, or who die when on duty in the field, or at posts on the frontiers, or at other posts and places when ordered by the Secretary of War, and of non-commissioned officers and soldiers; authorized office furniture; hire of laborers in the quartermastefs department, including the hire of interpreters, spies, and guides for the army; compensation of clerks of the officers of the quartermastefs department; compensation of forage and wagon masters, 5 $38- °h· I62r authorized by the act of July fifth, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, for v01_ v_ ,,_ 25; the apprehension of deserters, and the expenses incident to their pursuit; and for the following expenditures required for the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of light artillery, and such companies of infantry as may be mounted, viz : the purchase of travelling forges, b1acksmiths’ and shoeing tools, horse and mule shoes and nails, iron and steel for sboeing, hire of veterinary surgeons, medicines for horses and mules, picket ropes, and for sboeing the horses of the corps named; also, generally, the proper and authorized expenses for the movements and operations of an army not expressly assigned to any other department, twenty million eight hundred and thirty-six thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. m_g£:':yl*g°:S‘;‘;. For the purchase of cavalry and artillery horses, five million fol1! hundred thousand dollars.