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THIR'I`Y—SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 204. 1862. 609 discharged from, or ordered again into, the service, or until a. courtmartial or court of inquiry shall be held to inquire into the loss of such ship or vessel; and if, by the sentence of such court or other satisfactory evidence, it shall appear to the Secretary of the Navy that all or any of the officers and men of such ship’s company did their utmost to preserve her, and after the loss thereof behaved themselves agreeably to the discipline of the navy, then the pay and emoluments of such officers and men, or such of them as shall have done their duty, as aforesaid, shall go on until their discharge or death; and every officer or man who shall, after the loss of such vessel, act contrary to the discipline of the navy, shall be punished, at the discretion of a court·martial, in the same manner as if such vessel had not been so lost. Sec. 15. And be it further enacted, That all the pay and emoluments of the officers and men, of any of the ships or vessels of the United pay, gw, of States taken by an enemy, who shall appear by the sentence of a court- <>H$¤<¤f¤ wd ¤¤¤¤ martial, or otherwise, to have done their utmost to preserve and defend ·g§,a;3;:;£,;,°l;g° their ship or vessel, and after the taking thereof, have behaved themselves continue, if, dzc. obediently to their superiors, agreeably to the discipline of the navy, shall go on, and be paid them until their death, exchange, or discharge. Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That each commanding officer shall, whenever a man enters on board, cause an accurate entry to be List or mustermade in the ship’s books of his name, the date, place, and term of his *‘°“ of mwenlistment, the place or vessel from which he was received on board, Duty of comhis rating, and his descriptive list to include his age, place of birth, and citizenship, with such remarks as may be necessary; and shall, before mm ,,,Q,,,p§;c_ sailing, transmit to the Secretary of the Navy a complete list or musterroll of the rated men under his command, showing the particulars above set forth, and also a list of officers and passengers with the date of their entering; and he shall cause similar lists to be made out on the first day of every third month, to be transmitted to the Secretary of the Navy, as opportunities shall occur; accounting in such lists or muster-rolls for any casualties which may have taken place since the last list or muster-roll. He shall not receive on board any man transferred from any other vessel or station to him unless such man be furnished with an account, signed by the captain and paymaster of the vessel or station from which he came, specifying the date of his entry, the period and term of service, the sums paid, the balance due him, the quality in which he was rated, and his descriptive list. He shall cause to be accurately minuted on the ship’s books the names of and times at which any death or desertion may occur; and in case of death, shall take care that the paymaster secure all the property of the deceased for the benefit of his legal representative or representatives. He shall cause frequent inspections to be made into the condition of the provisions, and use every precaution for their preservation. He shall, whenever he orders officers and men to take charge of a prize and proceed to the United States, and whenever officers or men are sent from his ship, for whatever cause, take care that each man be furnished with a complete statement of his account, specifying the date of his enlistment, the periods and terms of his service, and his descriptive list; which account shall be signed by the commanding officer and paymaster. He shall cause the articles for the government of the navy to be hung up in some public part oi the ship, and read once a month to his ship’s company. He shall cause a convenient place to be set apart for sick or disabled men, to which he shall have them removed, with their hammocks and bedding, when the surgeon shall so advise, and shall direct that some of the crew attend them and keep the place clean. He shall frequently consult with the surgeon in regard to the sanitary condition of his crew, and shall use all proper means to preserve their health, and when his crew is finally paid off he shall attend in person, or appoint a proper officer, to see that justice vox,. xii. PUB.-7'Z