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[120 STAT. 127]
[120 STAT. 127]
PUBLIC LAW 109-000—MMMM. DD, 2006

PUBLIC LAW 109–171—FEB. 8, 2006

120 STAT. 127

based services provided under a waiver under this section or section 1115 that is in effect as of the effective date of the State plan amendment submitted under this subsection, as a result of a determination that the individual requires the level of care provided in a hospital or a nursing facility or intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded, without regard to whether such individuals satisfy the more stringent eligibility criteria established under that paragraph, until such time as the individual is discharged from the institution or waiver program or no longer requires such level of care.’’. (b) QUALITY OF CARE MEASURES.— (1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary, acting through the Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, shall consult with consumers, health and social service providers and other professionals knowledgeable about long-term care services and supports to develop program performance indicators, client function indicators, and measures of client satisfaction with respect to home and community-based services offered under State Medicaid programs. (2) BEST PRACTICES.—The Secretary shall— (A) use the indicators and measures developed under paragraph (1) to assess such home and community-based services, the outcomes associated with the receipt of such services (particularly with respect to the health and welfare of the recipient of the services), and the overall system for providing home and community-based services under the Medicaid program under title XIX of the Social Security Act; and (B) make publicly available the best practices identified through such assessment and a comparative analyses of the system features of each State. (3) APPROPRIATION.—Out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, there is appropriated to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, $1,000,000 for the period of fiscal years 2006 through 2010 to carry out this subsection. (c) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The amendments made by subsections (a) and (b) take effect on January 1, 2007, and apply to expenditures for medical assistance for home and community-based services provided in accordance with section 1915(i) of the Social Security Act (as added by subsections (a) and (b)) on or after that date.

42 USC 1396n note.

Public information.

42 USC 1396n note.


(a) EXEMPTION FROM CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS.—Section 1915 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396n), as amended by section 6086(a), is amended by adding at the end the following new subsection: ‘‘(j)(1) A State may provide, as ‘medical assistance’, payment for part or all of the cost of self-directed personal assistance services (other than room and board) under the plan which are provided pursuant to a written plan of care to individuals with respect to whom there has been a determination that, but for the provision of such services, the individuals would require and receive personal care services under the plan, or home and community-based services provided pursuant to a waiver under subsection (c). Self-directed personal assistance services may not be provided under this subsection to individuals who reside in a home or property that is

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