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[120 STAT. 1803]
[120 STAT. 1803]
PUBLIC LAW 109-000—MMMM. DD, 2006

PUBLIC LAW 109–338—OCT. 12, 2006

120 STAT. 1803

(1) AUTHORIZATION TO RECEIVE FUNDS.—The local coordinating entity may receive amounts made available to carry out this subtitle. (2) DISQUALIFICATION.—If a management plan is not submitted to the Secretary as required under section 256 within the time period specified in that section, the local coordinating entity may not receive Federal funding under this subtitle until a management plan is submitted to the Secretary. (c) USE OF FEDERAL FUNDS.—The local coordinating entity may, for the purposes of developing and implementing the management plan, use Federal funds made available under this subtitle— (1) to make grants to the State, political subdivisions of the State, nonprofit organizations, and other persons; (2) to enter into cooperative agreements with or provide technical assistance to the State, political subdivisions of the State, nonprofit organizations, and other organizations; (3) to hire and compensate staff; (4) to obtain funds from any source under any program or law requiring the recipient of funds to make a contribution in order to receive the funds; and (5) to contract for goods and services. (d) PROHIBITION OF ACQUISITION OF REAL PROPERTY.—The local coordinating entity shall not use Federal funds received under this subtitle to acquire real property or any interest in real property. SEC. 256. MANAGEMENT OF THE HERITAGE AREA.

(a) HERITAGE AREA MANAGEMENT PLAN.— (1) DEVELOPMENT AND SUBMISSION FOR REVIEW.—Not later than 3 years after the date on which funds are made available to carry out the subtitle, the local coordinating entity, with public participation, shall develop and submit for review to the Secretary a management plan for the Heritage Area. (2) CONTENTS.—The management plan shall— (A) present comprehensive recommendations for the conservation, funding, management, and development of the Heritage Area; (B) take into consideration Federal, State, county, and local plans; (C) involve residents, public agencies, and private organizations in the Heritage Area; (D) include a description of actions that units of government and private organizations are recommended to take to protect the resources of the Heritage Area; (E) specify existing and potential sources of Federal and non-Federal funding for the conservation, management, and development of the Heritage Area; and (F) include— (i) an inventory of resources in the Heritage Area that— (I) includes a list of property in the Heritage Area that should be conserved, restored, managed, developed, or maintained because of the historical, cultural, or natural significance of the property as the property relates to the themes of the Heritage Area; and

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