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[120 STAT. 1834]
[120 STAT. 1834]
PUBLIC LAW 109-000—MMMM. DD, 2006

120 STAT. 1834

Public meetings.



PUBLIC LAW 109–338—OCT. 12, 2006

(F) ensuring that clear, consistent, and appropriate signs identifying points of public access and sites of interest are posted throughout the Heritage Corridor; and (G) promoting a wide range of partnerships among governments, organizations, and individuals to further the purposes of the Heritage Corridor; (3) consider the interests of diverse units of government, business, organizations, and individuals in the Heritage Corridor in the preparation and implementation of the management plan; (4) conduct meetings open to the public at least quarterly regarding the development and implementation of the management plan; (5) submit an annual report to the Secretary for any fiscal year in which the local coordinating entity receives Federal funds under this subtitle, setting forth its accomplishments, expenses, and income, including grants made to any other entities during the year for which the report is made; (6) make available for audit for any fiscal year in which it receives Federal funds under this subtitle, all information pertaining to the expenditure of such funds and any matching funds, and require all agreements authorizing expenditures of Federal funds by other organizations, that the receiving organization make available for audit all records and other information pertaining to the expenditure of such funds; and (7) encourage by appropriate means economic viability that is consistent with the purposes of the Heritage Corridor. (b) AUTHORITIES.—The local coordinating entity may, for the purposes of preparing and implementing the management plan, use funds made available under this subtitle to— (1) make grants to, and enter into cooperative agreements with, the States of South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, political subdivisions of those States, a nonprofit organization, or any person; (2) hire and compensate staff; (3) obtain funds from any source including any that are provided under any other Federal law or program; and (4) contract for goods and services. SEC. 295F. MANAGEMENT PLAN.


VerDate 14-DEC-2004

13:05 Jul 12, 2007

(a) IN GENERAL.—The management plan for the Heritage Corridor shall— (1) include comprehensive policies, strategies, and recommendations for conservation, funding, management, and development of the Heritage Corridor; (2) take into consideration existing State, county, and local plans in the development of the management plan and its implementation; (3) include a description of actions that governments, private organizations, and individuals have agreed to take to protect the historical, cultural, and natural resources of the Heritage Corridor; (4) specify the existing and potential sources of funding to protect, manage, and develop the Heritage Corridor in the first 5 years of implementation; (5) include an inventory of the historical, cultural, natural, resources of the Heritage Corridor related to the themes of

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