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[120 STAT. 1853]
[120 STAT. 1853]
PUBLIC LAW 109-000—MMMM. DD, 2006

PUBLIC LAW 109–338—OCT. 12, 2006

120 STAT. 1853

to the management plan. Funds made available under this title may not be expended to implement any changes made by a substantial amendment until the Secretary approves that substantial amendment. ‘‘SEC. 124. TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE; OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES.

‘‘(a) TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE.—Upon the request of the Association, the Secretary may provide technical assistance, on a reimbursable or nonreimbursable basis, and financial assistance to the Association to develop and implement the management plan. The Secretary is authorized to enter into cooperative agreements with the Association and other public or private entities for this purpose. In assisting the Association, the Secretary shall give priority to actions that in general assist in— ‘‘(1) conserving the significant natural, historic, cultural, and scenic resources of the corridor; and ‘‘(2) providing educational, interpretive, and recreational opportunities consistent with the purposes of the corridor. ‘‘(b) DUTIES OF OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES.—Any Federal agency conducting or supporting activities directly affecting the corridor shall— ‘‘(1) consult with the Secretary and the Association with respect to such activities; ‘‘(2) cooperate with the Secretary and the Association in carrying out their duties under this title; ‘‘(3) to the maximum extent practicable, coordinate such activities with the carrying out of such duties; and ‘‘(4) to the maximum extent practicable, conduct or support such activities in a manner which the Association determines is not likely to have an adverse effect on the corridor.



‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—To carry out this title there is authorized to be appropriated $10,000,000, except that not more than $1,000,000 may be appropriated to carry out this title for any fiscal year. ‘‘(b) 50 PERCENT MATCH.—The Federal share of the cost of activities carried out using any assistance or grant under this title shall not exceed 50 percent of that cost. ‘‘SEC. 126. SUNSET.

‘‘The authority of the Secretary to provide assistance under this title terminates on the date that is 15 years after the date of enactment of this section.’’. SEC. 403. PRIVATE PROPERTY PROTECTION.

The Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Act of 1984 is further amended by adding after section 126 (as added by section 402) the following new sections: ‘‘SEC. 127. REQUIREMENTS FOR INCLUSION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY.

‘‘(a) NOTIFICATION AND CONSENT OF PROPERTY OWNERS REQUIRED.—No privately owned property shall be preserved, conserved, or promoted by the management plan for the corridor until the owner of that private property has been notified in writing by the Association and has given written consent for such preservation, conservation, or promotion to the Association.

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