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LIST OF THE PUBLIC RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. xix Page ]No. 8.] Thanks, dr. %`€Congress to Admiral Porter and others. A resolution tendering the thanks of congress to ar·Admira1 David D. Porter, and to the officers, petty officers, seamen, and marines under his command, for their gallantry and good conduct in the recent cap- 566 ture of crt Fisher. January 24, 1865. . ... . . . . . . . . [N0. 9;} Jlerchant! Exchange, New York. Joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of the Sreesury to give the necessary notice stipulated pendnig the inte§ti01§ of she United tates to purc ase the building known as Merchant? xchauge, cw or city, now used for custom·l10use purposes. January 25, 1865 . 567 [No. 10.] Mineral Lands. Joint resolution re erving mineral lands fiom the operation of all acts passed ntf tfbe first session of the thirty-eighth Cougress,gra.uting lands, or extend- 567 ing the time 0 ormer grants. January 30, 1865 ... 0. 11. Amendment o the Constitution. A. resolution submittin to the legislatures of the 3 {exe? states a. proposition to amend the constitution of the United States. February 567 [N0. 12.] Eloetlorai Oollegf. goint releolution dgclfuing certain states not entitled to represents.- 567 tion in the e ector co ege. ebruary , 865. . [No. 13.] Naval Force im the Lakes. Joint resolution to terminate the treaty of eighteen hundred and seventeen, regulating the naval force on the lakes. February 9, 1865 568 [N0. 14.] Thanks, gcc., to General Sheridan and others. Joint resolution tendering the thanks of conggesajso, Major-General Philip H. Sheridan and the omcers and men imder his com- 568 man . e ruary 9, 1865 . ... o. 15. CoDirectmy. A resolution providing for the compilation of a Congression 1 a eac session. e , ' al D’rectory t hF bruary 14 1865 568 [No. 16.] Smithoniug Institution. I A resolutiorfappointin§I (gggseral Richard Delafield to bé a. 569 regent of the mithsonian nstitution. ebruary 1 , . .. [No. 17.] Railroad Grants. A resolution to extend the time for the retrersion todtilire United States of the lands granted by congress to aid in the construction o a railroa. om ere Marquette to Flint, and for the completion of said road. February 17, 1865 ... 569 [No. 18.] Branch-Mint az Carson City. Joint resolution to enable the Secretary of the Treasury to obtain the title to certain property in Carson City and State of Nevada, for the purposes of a branch-mint located in said place. February 23, 1865. . ‘ 569 [No. 19.] Support of rccapturcd A_;$—ican.z. Joint resolution to facilitate the adjustment of certain iciounts og the Am£c:;r~r{;6Qg0lonization Society for the support of recaptured Africans in 56 i eria. ebruary , .. 9 [N0. The Schooner: "Minnie Williams " and "E. M Barter." Joint resolution directing me Secretary of tge greézsury to is§1e)Ameri;aén{§£sters to British schooners “Minnie 670 illiams " an " . . axter." e ruary , . . .. [No. 23.2 bDi;triZ>ug¢H¤ of Books an; {'gut resolution in relation to the distribution 0 oo s an ocuments. e ruary , .. 570 [N0. 24.] Aung Joint resolution to provide for the publication of a full Army Register. arch , 866 . 570 [No. 25.] Picture for the Capitol. Joint resolution authorizing a, contract with William H. Powell for a picture for the Capitol. March 2, 1865 . . ... _ ... . . . . . 570 [No. dDisabled and discharged Soldiers. hxregcggition to encourage the employment of disae and discharged so iers. arc , ... 571 [N0. 28.] Thanks to Major- General T/www and others. Joint resolution of thanks to Major-Gem eral George H. Thomas and the army under his command. March 3, 1865 571 [No. Enlistments encouraged. Aresolution to encourage enlistments and to promote the e oiency of the military forces of the United States. March 3, 1865 . 571 [N0. 30.] Inventories. A resolution to authorize and direct an inventory of articles in the quarte_rmastIer’s dgpsots of the United States, and in the possession of the naval storekeepers 0 the nite tutes. March 3, 1865 . . 671 [No. 31.] International Exhibition:. A resolution relating to international exhibitions at Bergen gi Norway, ang in Portugal, during the summer of eighteen hundred and sixty- ve. March , . 572 [No. 32.] Paper jor Public Printing. Joint reso1utiou'tc amend the joint resolution entitled " Joint resolution in relation to the public printing," approved June twenty-third, eighteen hundred and sixty. March 3, 1865. . . . .. . . . . . . ... 572 [N0. 33%] Inquiries concerning Indian Tribes. A resolution directing inquiry into the condition 0 the Indian tribes, and their treatment by the civil and military authorities. March 3, 1865 . ... . 572