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184 THIRTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 153, 154, 155. 1864. any ten consecutive miles of said road has been completed under the provisions of this act, and in accordance with the fourth section of this act, stating definitely where said completed section of road commences and where it terminates, it shall be the duty of the said secretary to cause patents to issue to said state for three sections of land for each mile of road thus completed as aforesaid, and so on until the whole of said road Patents not to is completed: Provided, further, That no patent shall be given for any of t*;’ngnfl;2’gf‘;'£5 the aforesaid lands before the completion of ten consecutive miles of road, m., ,0,,,,,;,,,,,,;, or for any road, or for any part of any road, made before the passage of this &¤· act, or for any greater quantity than thirty sections for each ten miles completed according to the provisions of this act; and if said road is not Lands to re- completed within five years, no further sales shall be made, and the lands ""· ‘fi &°· unsold shall revert to the United States. R<>=•d.Y¤<>wt¤ Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That said military road shall be b° °°“”°"“°t°d‘ constructed under the direction of such agents or commissioners as the governor of said state may appoint, and where it passes through timbered lands shall be chopped out a uniform width of at least six rods. The road-bed proper to be not less than thirty-two feet wide, and constructed with ample ditches on both sides, so as to afford sufficient drains, with good and substantial bridges and proper culverts and sluices where necessary. All stumps and roots to be thoroughly grubbed out between the ditches the entire length of said road; the central portion of which to be sudiciently raised to afford a dry road.-bed by means of drainage from the centre to the side ditches ; the hills ·to be levelled and valleys raised so as to make as easy a grade as practicable. Approved, June 25, 1864. Jima 25, 1864- Crum. CLIV. -~An Act to amend the Act of Congress making Dommbns to the Settlers `{§ on the Public Lands in Oregon, approved September twenty-seven, eighteen hundred ond Vol. ix. p. 496. ,/‘Z_fZy, and the Acts amendatory thereto. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United mgzpigghzo mi; States ¢y" America in Congress assembled, That in all leases under the wwork ,01,.;%::6 act of congress approved September twent.y—seventh, eighteen hundred in 0,,,,,;,, cms_ and fifty, entitled “An act to create the office of surveyor-general of the public lands in Oregon, and to provide for the survey, and to make donations to settlers of the said public lands," and the several acts amendatory and supplemental thereto, in which the actual settlement may be shown to be bona tide, and the claim in all respects to be fully within the requirements of existing laws, except as to the failure of the party to file notice within the time nxed by statute, such failure shall not work forfeiture when no adverse rights intervene before the filing of the required notification by the claimant. APPROVED, June 25, 1864. June 25, 1864. CHAP. CLV. -An Act to ezpedite and regulate the Printing of Public Documents, and ‘—""—"" for other Purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States tf America in Congress assembled, That hereafter, instead of fur- Hcads ofde- nishing manuscript copies of the documents usually accompanying their ggglgggqgpgggqg annual reports to each house of congress, the heads of the several departsuperintendent or ments of government shall transmit them, on or before the first day of $2;: lg?-*¤¤G November in each year, to the superintendent of public printing, who }q,,,{,b,,, of shall cause to be printed the usual number, and, in addition thereto, one copies. thousand copies for the use of the Senate and two thousand copies for the use of the House of Representatives; and that it shall be the duty of the joint committee on printing to appoint some competent person, who Editor tobc shall edit and select such portions of the documents so placed in,their