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88 THIRTY—N.INTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 168, 169. 1866. visions of the homestead law who shall make entries after the passage of this act., upon the sections numbered by even numbers, and who comply with the terms and requirements of said act shall be entitled to patents for an amount not exceeding eighty acres each, anything in this act to tho contrary notwithstandin . Iaudsgrunwd, Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the lands hereby grunted shall h" ’°b° di°‘ be subject to the disposal of the legislature of Minnesota for the purposes pond °£ aforesaid and no other; and the said railroad shall be and remain public Railroads to highways for the usc of the government of the United States, free of all tfayguggg fligégllg toll or other charges upon the transportation of any property or troops of the United the United States, and the same shall at all times be transported at the Sums- cost, charge, and expense in all respects of the company or corporation, or their successors or assigns, having or receiving tho benefit of the land grants herein made. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the lands hereby granted shall b Ia%¤d'• l:>'*;_*° be disposed of by said State for tho purposes aforesaid only, and in man- °w:gK°° ,3ner following, namely: When the governor of said State shall certify to •rnor nhzlizcerti- tho Secretary of the Interior that any section of ten consecutive miles of 3 :;‘:°c::;:;;“ said road is completed, in a good, substantial, and workmanlikc manner, gay, milgg 5, as a Iirst—class railroad, then tho Secretary of the Interior shall issue to the •°¤>Pl¤*·¤d; State patents for all the lands in alternate sections,or parts of sections, designated by odd numbers, situated within twenty miles of the road so completed and lying coterminous to said completed section of ton miles, and not exceeding one hundred sections, for tho bcncht of the road having completed !¤‘°Vi¤°i the ten consecu tive. miles as aforesaid: Provided, however, That the coterminous principle hereby applied shall not extend to such lands as are taken by the said railroad companies to make up deficiencies, provided that no land to make up such dencicncies shall be taken at any point within ten miles up-

  • 1}** ¤¤;_<>*tl:¤¤ on each side of the line of said roads. When the governor of said State
°0°¤Qg;,°:_i,,, n shall certify that another section of ton consecutive miles shall have been

miles is com- completed as aforesaid, then the Secretary of the Interior shall issue pa- Plgiadditicual tents to said State in like manner for a like number; and when certificates ,m;°ns,,,,,c,,m. of the completion of additional sections of ton consecutive miles of said vl<;;¤<1;mm roads are from time to time made as aforesaid, additional sections of lands °0m;1md_° °'° shall be patented as aforesaid, until said roads arc completed, when the Roads to be whole of the lands hereby granted shall be patented to the State for tho °°mP1°F°d in *°¤ uses aforesaid, and none other: Provided, That if said roads are not comyB3l.'S§ lf1IOD, HD- I t d ·th· t h f . . ,,,1dmm mw p e e wi in on years rom t c acceptance 0 this grant, the sa1d lands ¤é<gt;ctheU¤ited hereby granted and' not patented shall revert to the United States mfén maps S20. 5. And be zt further enacted, That as soon as the governor of said are n¤d,1»mds State shall lilo or cause to be filed with the Secretary of the Interior ggztgliglggfxn maps designating tho routes of said roads, then it shall be the duty of the {mm mmm_ Secretary of the Interior to withdraw from market the lands embraced within tho provisions of this act. r_£¤;;;¢:_ mw Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That tho United States mail shall atm at what * be transported on said road, under the direction of the Post Office Deprice. partment, at such price as Congress may by law provide: Provided, That until such prioc is fixed by law, the Postmaster-General shall have . power to iix the rate of compensation. ‘ Approved, July 4, 1866.

 CHAP. CLXIX. — An Act to provide for the Disposal of certain Lands therein named-

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of tlzc United Uusold ms of States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commissioner of the Fort Howard General Land Office bo, and he is hereby, authorized to cause to be offered £¤{;;a;é',€;';;°;:° at public auction all the unsold lots of that portion of the public domain puh1E8H0n0n_ known as the Fort. Howard Military Reserve, which is situated in the county of Brown, and State of Wisconsin, giving not loss than two