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156 THIRTY-—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 184. 1866. Dmm °fE¤ or other substances to be used for the purpose of producing spirits, when

&?£: put into the mash tub or otherwise used; and shall mspfzct, gauge, and

prove all the spirits distilled, under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the commissioner of internal revenge, and I shall take charge of the bonded warehouse established-for thaldfstxllcry m conformity to law; and such warehouse shall be m the Jfnnt custody of such inspector and the owner thereof, his agent or supcrmtendent; anfl when I E“WYm{9* spi; any spirits sbail be placed in such wqrehcuse, ap entry therefor, m such ,:,¥;%,,s; ::ge form as shall be prescribed by rcgglauons, shall 1mmcQ1atc1y be made and made, &¤. by signed by the owner of said spir1ts, apc} shall pave mdorsad thereon a

QQ§;fihmtB of certificate of the inspector that the spmts mentioned have been dqly m-

5,,,,;,.,;,;;,,- to bg spcctcd and received in said warehouse, and such eutry·and ceruficata i¤d<>fS¤d ¢h¤¤ ° shall be filed with the collector of the district; and said inspector shall

 not engage in any other business while employed as Oan inspector, and

Inspector not shall be paid five dollars por Qay for the pme dgxring vxjhxcb he is engaged; to engage in and the amount of compcnsatnon thus paxd for mspactxon shall be assessed 0**** business- by the assessor upon the distillcr, and returned to thecollcctor monthly ME3 2, $$2; for collection; and in addition to the above compensation, spcp mspccyor Ie:. _ shall receive such fee as may be prescribed by Q10. commgsgxogcr of m- s £LQQ:: ternal revenue for each and every proof gallon of dxsgxllcd spirits IHS2EOC0d

   by him and removed to the bonded warehouse, which shall be pmd by

the distiller or owner of the spirits ; but no compensation shall be allowed to such inspector for more than one inspection of such spirits. And in WMM miswnt casa the duties of such inspector shall be greater at any time than he can Lz §;mL$ perform, upon the joint application of the inspector and owner of such Duties, pay, distillery, the Secretary of the Treasury may appointlan assistant pspscif f°: ” tor; and upon the refusal of the distillcr to Join m such applxcatuon,

   the collector shall decide as to such necessity ; and such assistant inspector shall qualify in the same manner and be subject to the same penalties

as the inspector, and he shall be paid in the same manner as the inspecmr, at a rate not exceeding the sum of three dollars per day while so cmployed; and in case of disagreement as to the necessity of retaining the services of such assistant, between the owner of the distillery and the inspector, the collector shall decide as to such necessity, and his decision in absence of in the matter shall be final. And in case of absence by sickness, or from

?:&$? m?£;;;, any other cause, of such inspector or assistant, the collector may desigmay désigugm . nate a person to take temporary charge of such distillery and warehouse,

P°*¤°¤ ‘” * ’ * who shall during such absence perform the duties, receive the same mm 5::,9;; of pay, and be paid in the same manner, as said inspector or assistant for Fcmlty for the time he may be so employed: Providei That the owner, agent or su- ? $ € pcriuticndent of any distillery who shall use, cause or permit to be used, mais for making . . . . . . spm;s,;,,,d;,;,m. any materials for the purpose of producing spirits, or shall dnstxl or rai¤$ P¤_* ¤m° ’i¤8 move any spirits in the absence of the acting inspector or assistant, with-

 out permission granted by the collector of the district, shall forfeit and

sp¤¢m>r,wir.hou1:, pay double the amount of taxes on the spirits so produced, distilled, or

? removed, and in addition thereto be liable to a finc of one thousand dollars, to be recovered in the manner provided for other penalties: P90-

fog rezqoving vided further, That any person who shall ship, transport or remove any fP • spirituous or fermented liquors or wines, under any other than the proper nquors, &c. un- . . . . dm- W,-O,,gbm¤d_ name or brand known to the trade as designating the kmd and quahty of the contents of the casks or packages containing the same, or who shall cause the same to be done, shall forfeit the same, and shall, on conviction thereof, be subject to and pay a. Hue of five hundred dollars. Genera] in. Sec. 30. And be it further enacted, That there shall be appointed by •P9<§¤¤¤¤ of the Secretary of the Treasury, in every collection district where the samo gggfggd? may be necessary, one or more general inspectors of spirits, who shall bc Fees. entitled to receive such fee as may be prescribed by the commissioner of internal revenue for each and every proof gallon gaugcd and proved by him, to be paid by the owner of the spirits; and any owner, agent, or su—