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THIR`I`Y—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 166. l867. 451 Incidental and Contingent Expenses of the Navy Department. —-Office Contingent exof the Secretary of the Navy: P°'5“ét°_m. Sw For stationery, labor, newspapers, periodicals, and miscellaneous items, muy of Navy, tive thousand dollars. Bureau of yards and docks : Bureau of For stationery, books, plans, drawings, and incidental labor, one thou- 7‘“`d“ “““°°k“ sand eight hundred dollars. Bureau of equipment and recruiting: equipment and For stationery, books, and miscellaneous items seven hundred and Bfty *'°°'°“·"*Zi dollars. Bureau of navigation: navigation; For stationery, blank books, binding, and miscellaneous items, two thousand four hundred dollars. Bureau of ordnance: ordnance; For stationery, and miscellaneous items, including three hundred dollars for pliotograplier, one thousand three hundred dollars. Bureau of construction and repair: construction For stationery and miscellaneous items, one thousand dollars. ”"d ’°P”l'i Bureau of steam €!1giD€€I‘iI'lg: steam engi- For blank books, binding, stationery, and miscellaneous items, two “€°*“'95 thousand five hundred dollars. Bureau of provisions and clothing: provisions and For blank books, stationery, and miscellaneous items, one thousand five °l°ihl“S5 hundred dollars. Bureau of medicine and surgery: medicine and For blank books, stationery, and miscellaneous items, eight hundred ¤¤rg¤ry- dollars. For the General Purposes of the Southwest Executive Buz'Id¢'ng. -—— For Southwest excompensation of nine watchman and two laborers of the southwest °°¤*lV° b¤ll<ll¤S· executive building, seven thousand six hundred and thirty-two dollars. For contingent expenses of said building, viz : For labor, fuel, lights, and miscellaneous items, seven thousand five hundred dollars. Post- Office Department. -—— For compensation of the Postmaster-General, posegmcsp, three assistant postmasters·general, chief clerk, superintendent of money- p¤¤;¤¤¢¤t· order system, topographer, three chief clerks, and the clerks, (including mgslgféeggig forty-three Female clerks, at nine hundred dollars each,) messenger, assistants, &c. ° assistant messengers, watchmen and laborers of said department, two hundred and seventy-three thousand one hundred and sixty dollars. For additional compensation to subordinate employees, under the pro· Aclditionnlpay visions of act of July twenty-three, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, two ;%:g‘°g;°§zg“·§7 thousand one hundred and forty dollars. Ayifgi 267 ` For additional and temporary clerks, Forty thousand dollars. C]3rkg_ Contingent Expenses ¢y" the Post- Office Department. —— For blank books, binding, and stationery, fuel for the general post—oflice building, including _ the auditor’s office, oil, gas, and candles, printing, repair of the general PcEfQ;;‘,$i§:S‘;_*` post-oflice building, office furniture, glazing, painting, whitewashing, and Omee Dspm. lor keeping the fireplaces and furnaces in order, for engineer for steam ““¤*· . engine, laborers, watchmen, repairs of furniture, and for miscellaneous items, fifty-six thousand dollars. Deymrtnwnt of Agriculture. — For compensation of commissioner of Qepartment of agriculture, chief clerk, entcmologist, chemist, and the clerks and employ- “g"‘°“"“'°• ecs in his office, thirty-eight thousand and twenty dollars. For contingencies, viz: For stationery, freight, purchase of library, Contingencies. llalipratory, fuel, light, rent, and miscellaneous items, thirteen thousand 0 ars. For collecting agricultural statistics for annual and monthly reports, Agricultural ten thousand dollars. °°“°‘""’s‘ For purchase and distribution of new and valuable seeds, viz: P¤¤=lw·¤¤ ¤¤¤