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THIRTY—N].'NTH CONGRESS. Suse. H. Ch. 168, 169. 1867. 471 York, eastern and western districts of Pennsylvania, the district of Mary- d_§;l::‘i9:d¤f hud, northern district of Illinois, southern district of Ohio, and the district B i J g°°' of New Jersey, shall be four thousand dollars each; and the salaries of the district judges of every other district shall be three thousand five hundred dollars each; and said salaries shall be in full compensation for To be in_fn1t all ctlicial services perfumed by such judges, and shall take effect at the gmml commencement of the next fiscal year, and no other allowance or payment ` shall be made to them for travel, expenses, or otherwise; and the amount necessary to pay the increased compensation herein provided for shall be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Ssc. 10. And be it further enacted, That if the Supreme Court shall Reporter of in any one year direct its reporter to publish a second volume, for such E2: year, of its decisions, and if such second volume shall be published ,,-,*,;,,,,,,;,,,1,,,,,,] accordingly, an additional sum of fifteen hundred dollars shall be paid said is published in reporter therefor on the delivery by said reporter to the Secretary of the ““Y Y°‘"‘ Interior, for distribution, according to existing laws, of three hundred copies of such second volume of said reports; and the amount necessary to pay the same is hereby appropriated. Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That the notice required by the _N<>ti¤¤¤>v¤b— fourth section of the act entitled "An act to pay in part for publishing (g}:},, the debates in Congressand for other purposes," approved July fourth, and appendixpo eighteen hundred and sixty-four, is hereby given that Congress will, in :;‘:£”*·° “€'°°‘ two years from the close of the present Congress, abrogate the provisions m,4_`ch_ 250,§4_ of the first and second sections of said act. Vc!. xiii. p. ssa. Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Interior °kj:,‘3gl2°;‘§“ is hereby authorized to appoint in the office of the commissioner of or qgmmigsiqnu pensions, in addition to the clerks now authorized in said office, twenty- of P°¤¤l°¤¤· eight clerks of class one; twenty-four of class two; eighteen of class three; and ten of class four; said clerkships to expire at the end of two ,4,,,,,-,,,,,;,,s;,,,,_ years, and a sum sutheient to pay the salaries of said clerks from the date of their appointment to the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty- seven, and for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, bc, and the same is hereby appropriated. Approved, March 2, 1867. CHAP. CLXIX.-—-An Act to amend existing Laws relating to Internal Revenue, and jbr March 2 186y_ other Purposes. -——-——-+· Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United State: of America in Congress assembled, That all acts in relation to the _ Allncta roleassessment, return, collection, and payment of the income tax, special tax, ::fl_:‘Q,:g::'f;‘:`; and other annual taxes now by law required to be performed in the month ncw required to of May, shall hereafter be performed on the corresponding days in the b° d°¤°l¤ Mg! month of March in each year; all acts required to be performed in the $g,i,,]:2,;;?,,,°h month of June, in relation to the collection, return, and payment of said MnrchandApri1. taxes, shall hereafter be performed on the corresponding days of the month of April of each year: Provided, That on and after the first day Tnxcncctmn. of September, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, a tax of two and one half cents per pound only shall be levied, collected and paid on any cotton produced within the United States. _ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That apothecaries, butchers, confec Addition;] honors, and plumbers, and gas-litters, whose annual sales exceed twenty- ¤l>¤¤l¤l W! °¤ five thousand dollars, shall pay, in addition to the special tax now re- ?,?,°:‘,lf,;°,:’H::g_ quired by law, one dollar for every thousand dollars in excess of said fectioners, twenty-tive thousand dollars; and the taxes on such excess shall be as- P;‘;[gQ;;'jé_°“d S<1S*0¢l and paid in the manner provided in the case of wholesale dealers. g boy so {,,,,9. _Suc. 3. And be it fm-ther enacted, That in all suits or proceedings ¤¢¤#9¤l and mid- ¤¤Sing under the internal revenue laws, to which the United States is ,m?£`;;;,0°:.;°°r" party, and in all suits or proceedings against a collector or other officer of concerning mu