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THlRTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ras. 72, 78, 88. 1866. 611 [No. 72.] Join! Resolution lz; e/é£scztriac$,.Zg4;·;1(;tqz/, Internal Revenue Collector July 23, 1866. YVHEREAS, on the night of the twenty-Hlth day of June, A. D. eigh— Preamble teen hundred and sixtyhve, the office of Thomas J. Robinson, deputy collector of Isaac Ranney, internal revenue collector for the eighth district, Ohio, located at Mansdeld in said State, was burglariously entered by persons whose names are unknown; and whereas said burglars did, on the night aforesaid, at the office aforesaid, by means of drills and gunpowder, break into and enter the iron safe of said deputy collector, and feloniously steal and carry away revenue stamps therefrom belonging to the government of the United States to the amount of six hundred and thirty-two dollars and twenty-three cents; and whereas, further, said burglarious entry and larceny was not attributable to any neglect of duty on the part of said Thomas J. Robinson, as such deputy collector, and that said office and safe were in all respects such as were required by the law and the regulations of the Treasury Department: Therefore, & it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas- isaac Rummy ury be, and he hereby is, directed and required in the settlement of the *0}*6 credited accounts of said Isaac Ranuey, as such internal revenue collector, with ;`£;€;$Q;?f the government of the United States, to allow and give credit to the said Ranney fer the amount of said stamps stolen as aforesaid. APB120V2D, July 23, 1866. ".". A utiemtoreert Claimo t `n'. , , . [M ls] Resol to the Oéurtelyaiéynlgigiizrazm ¢y·‘Rwhard W Meade July 25 1866 WHEREAS doubts are entertained whether the claim of the estate of Richard W. Meade, deceased, upon the government of the United Prgamble- States is covered and embraced by the ninth section of the act of third \?gf§_°;‘ March, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, entitled "An act to amend 1863,ch.92,§9. an act to establish a court for the investigation of claims against the V0!- xii- P- 765- United States," approved February twenty-four, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, which case was referred to the said court by resolution of the Senate, passed twenty-seventh February, eighteen hundred and sixty- one. Now, in order to remove all doubts on that subject, Resolved by the Senate and of Represcnatives of the United States qf America in Obngress assembled, That the said claim of Richard W. C1aim0fRicb- Meade, administrator of Richard W. Meade, deceased, be, and the same is ;g‘:n£;s‘¤_gg;‘d°* hereby, referred to the court of claims for adjudication thereof, pursuant mrmed to c0{u-4; to authority conferred upon said court by any existing law to examine ofomm5- and decide claims against the United States, referred to it by Congress. Approved, July 25, 1866. [N0. A Resolution for the Relief of Sergeant Milton McKinnon. July 26, 1866, Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives cj the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treasury Paymentto be, and he is hereby authorized and directed to pay to Sergeant Milton §f;§?;E;nM‘“°“ McKinnon the sum of fifty-eight dollars and fbrty-five cents, being the aynountoflgst amount of a draft drawn in his favor by Major M. L. Martin, late pay— draftmaster in the United States army, on the assistant treasurer of the United States in New York, dated March twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, and which was lost in its transmission to New York : Pro/vided, That said Milton McKinnon file a duplicate of said draft, duly autheuti- b lgilfpéivalgw cated, with said Secretary of the Treasury; also, that the payment herein dgmrgyagivéx authorized shall not be made until the said McKinnon shall execute to the United States a bond, with security, to be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, conditioned to indemnify the United States against all