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760 TREATY WITH THE SEMINOLE INDIANS. Muzcu 21, 1866. to the use of retiigee and destitute Indians, other than the Seminoles or members of the Seminole nation, after the close of the present fiscal year, June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six. Treaty oblige- Amucre IX. The United States reaiiirms and reassumes all obliga- “°“ ’°'*m"¤°d- tions of treaty stipulations entered into before the treaty of said Seminole nation with the so-called confederate states, August first, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, not inconsistent herewith ; and further agree to renew all payments of annuities accruing by force of said treaty stipulations, from and after the close of the present fiscal year, June thirtieth, in the year of our Lord one thpusand eight hundred and sixty-six, except as is provided in article eight viii . Land granted Arrrrcmz X. A quantity of land not exceeding six hundred and forty £‘;"°'g;?£,‘:;g acres, to be selected according to legal. subdivisions, in one body, and pu,-,,0,,,; wh1ch shall include their improvements, is hereby granted to every religious society or denomination which has erected, or which, with the consent of the Indians, may hereafter erect, buildings within the Seminole country me to be sold, for missionary or educational purposes; but no land thus granted, nor the •¤¤¤P*» M- buildings which have been or may be erected thereon, shall ever be sold or otherwise disposed of except with the consent and approval of the Secwhm mm, retary of the Interior. And whenever any such land or buildings shall be WM P be so sold or disposed ot, the proceeds thereof shall be applied, under the di- " °'”h°d' rection of the Secretary of the Interior, to the support and maintenance of other similar establishments for the benefit of the Seminoles and such other persons as may be, or may hereafter become, members of the tribe according to its laws, customs, and usages. Inconsistent Axrrcma XI. It is further agreed that all treaties heretofore entered m;ig’3`°v“‘°” into between the United States and the Seminole nation which are incon- ° sistent with any of the articles or provisions of this treaty shall be, and are hereby, rescinded and annulled. Execution. In testimony whereof, the said Dennis N. Cooley, Commissioner of Indian affairs, Elijah Sells, superintendent of Indian aifairs, and Col. Ely S. Parker, as aforesaid, and the undersigned, persons representing the Seminole nation, have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year lirst above written. DENNIS N. COOLEY, [sur.] Oommissioncr of Lzdian Afoirs. ELIJAH SELLS, [san.] Su crinlendmt Ltdiun A_f?1irs. Cor.. ELY {PARKER, [sun.] Qzccial Oommissioner. JOHN CHUP-CO, his x mark, [SEAL.] _ Eng or Ikad O/zi¢ CHO-COTE-HARJO, bis x mark. [SEAL.] Counsellor. FOS-HARJO, his x mark, [sean.] Chief JOHN F. BROWN, [sean.] Special Delegate for Southern Seminoles. In presence of- Ronmrr Jomrsoiv, his x mark, G ZZ S Interpreter for Seminok Indians. so. A. Rsrnorns, UC S Indian Agent for Seminoks. Ox-·rvs·sus-nan-Jo, his x mark, or Suns. Cow-1:-roms-xo, his x mark. Cue-cnn-ones, his x mark. HARRY ISLAND, his x mark, U SC Interpreterfor Oreck Indiana.