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780 TREATY XVITH THE CHOCTAWS AND CIIICKASAWS. APRIL 28, 1866. in connection with them, shall be, and are hereby declared to be, in ful] force, so fhr as they are consistent with the provisions of this treaty. Money dns Aivrficnu] XLVI. Of the moneys stipulated to be paid to the Chocgl; g;;**:};a‘:“‘ taws and Chickasaws under this treaty for the cession of the leased district, how to be pail_ and the admission of the Kansas Indians among them, the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars shall be advanced and paid to the Choctaws, and fifty thousand dollars to the Chickasaws, through their respective treasurers, as soon as practicable after the ratification of this treaty, to be repaid out of said moneys or any other moneys of said nations in the hands of the United States; the residue, not affected by any provision of Amendment. this treaty, to remain in the Treasury of the United States at an annual P°"· P· 78* interest of not less than five per cent, no part of which shall be paid out as annuity, but shall be annually paid to the treasurer of said nations, respectively, to be regularly and judiciously applied, under the direction of their respective legislative councils, to the support of their government, the purposes of education, and such other objects as may be best calculated to promote and advance the wellare and happiness of said nations and their people respectively. ` After survey Alt‘F[lCLP1] XLVII. As soon as practicable after the lands shall have

p‘gh:“?;=‘5%g";?* been su'rveycd.and assigned to the Choclaws and Chickasaws in Iseveralty

,,,,,c,.,,l?,_ a,,,,,,, as herein provided, upon application of their respective legislative counities an funds cils, and with the assent of the President of the United States, all the gg'? °“p"'“hZ°d* annuities and funds invested and held in trust by the United States for ` the benefit of said nations respectively shall be capitalized or converted into money, as the case may be ; and the aggregate amounts thereof beto be divided longing to each nation shall be equally divided and paid per capita to the P"` °“P"°‘ individuals thereof respectively, to aid and assist them in improving their liomesteads and increasing or acquiring Hooks and herds, and thus encourage them to make proper etforts to maintain successfully the new relations which the holding of their lands in severalty will involve: Pr0· Uéfmin Sams vided, nevertheless, 'l.`ha,t there shall be retained by the United States such m"b° '°"""°d' sum as the President shall deem sufficient of the said moneys to beinvested, that the interest thereon may be sufficient to defray the expenses of the government of said nations respectively, together with a judicious system of education, until these objects can be provided for by a proper system of taxation; and whenever this shall be done to the satisfaction of the President of the United States, the moneys so retained shall be divided in the manner and for the purpose above mentioned. payment of A1{T\iICI.P3] XLVIII. Immediately after the ratification of this treaty $35.900 to com- there shall be paid, out of the funds of the Clioctaws and Chickasaws in

';f;":;‘Qf;;’$0r the hands of the United States, twenty-five thousand dollars to the Chocincidental ex- taw and twenty-five thousand dollars to the Chickasaw commissioners, to

¤°¤S¤S· enable them to discharge obligations incurred by them for various incidental and other expenses to which they have been subjected, and for which they are now indebted. commission to .AR'l`[lCLlC] XLIX. And it is further agreed that a commission, to ¤<‘i*?¢ gi*}¤**i:;¢+·= consist: of a person or persons to be appointed by the President of the 3,.,:2; fmr:,"ms United States, shall be appointed immediately on the ratification of this their homes. treaty, who shall take into consideration and determine the claim of such Choctaws and Chickasaws as allege that they have been driven during the late rebellion from their homes in the Choctaw [and Cliiukasaw] na— tions on account of their adhesion to the United States, for damages, with power to make such award as may be consistent with equity and good Amendment. conscience, taking into view all circumstances, whose report, when ratilied PW, P- 782- by the Secretary of the Interior, shall be final, and authorize the pay- ment of the amount from any moneys of said nations in the hands of the United States as the said commission may award. Commission Anrfrcmc] L. Whereas Joseph G. Hcald and Reuben Wright, of gB‘;:1‘;f)‘}";;‘;_;§'° Massachusetts, were licensed traders in the Choctaw country at the com-