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790 TREATY WITH THE CREEK INDIANS. JUNE 14, 1866. kind growing out of the late rebellion and all expenditures by the United States of annuities in clothing and feeding refugee and destitute Indians since the diversion of annhities for that purpose consequent upon the late war with the so-called confederate states; and the Creeks hereby ratify and confirm all such diversions of annuities heretofore made from the DiYq¤‘¤i¤¤l of funds of the Creek nation by the United States, and the United States °°"°'"°°' agree that no annuitieslshall be diverted from the objects for which they were originally devoted by treaty stipulations with the Creeks, to the use of refugee and destitute Indians other than the Creeks or members of the Creek nation after the close of the present Hscal year, June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six. Treaty obli- ARTICLE XII. The United States reatlirma and reassumes all obliga-

 ’°°f‘ tions of treaty stipulations with the Creek nation entered into before the

treaty of said Creek nation with the so-called confederate. states, July tenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, not inconsistent herewith; and further agrees to renew all payments of annuities accruing by force of said treaty stipulations from and after the close of the present fiscal year, June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, except as is provided in article eleventh. Lands granted ARTICLE XIII. A quantity of land not exceeding one hundred and

‘Q`u‘g:§;’;f’V°' sixty acres, to be selected according to legal subdivisions, in one body,

pur- . . . . . . pom; and to mclude their improvements, IS hereby granted to every religious society or denomination which has erected, or which, with the consent of the Indians, may hereafter erect buildings within the Creek country for _ not to be sold, missionary or educational purposes; but no-land thus granted nor the °*°°P‘·&°·i buildings which have been or may be erected thereon shall ever be sold or otherwise disposed of} except with the consent and approval of the when sold, pro- Secretary of the Interior; and whenever any such lands or buildings shall ‘f;°p‘}f£ b° h"' be so sold or disposed of} the proceeds thereof shall be applied, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, to the support and maintenance of other similar establishments for the benefit of the Creeks and such other persons as may be or may hereafter become members of the tribe according to its laws, customs, and usages; and if at any time said improvements shall be abandoned for one year for missionary or educational purposes, all the rights herein granted for missionary and educational purposes shall revert to the said Creek nation. Inconsistent ARTICLE XIV. It is further agreed that all treaties heretofore entered

  • °¤:Y1g&’.°'i¤*°°¤ into between the United States and the Creek nation which are inconsistum 'ent with any of the articles or provisions of this treaty shall be, and are

hereby, rescinded and annulled; and it is further agreed that ten thousand dollars shall be paid by the United States, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to pay the expenses incurred in negotiating the foregoing treaty. E!¢¤¤¢i¤¤· In testimony whereof, we, the commissioners representing the United States and the delegates repre enting the Creek nation, have hereuntv set'our hands and seals at the place and on the day and year above written. D. N. COOLEY, [sen,.] Comr. brd. Ajrs. ELIJAI-I SELLS, [san..] Supt. Ltd. A OK-TA-HAS HARJO, hisx mark. sian,. COW MIKKO, his x mark. sean. CO'I`CH-CHO-CHEE, his x mark. situ., D. N. MOINTOSH. SEAL. JAMES M. C. SMITH. sun,. In presence of- J. W. DUNN, UI S. Indian Agent. J. HARLAN, U; SC Indian Agent.