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794 TREATY WITH THE DELAWARE INDIANS. JULY 4, 18(S6. Remainder of ARTICLE II. That the Secretary of the Interior shall be, and he is,

‘;“‘;‘;‘_;"°“ "““Y au_thorized to sell to said Missouri River Railroad Company, or to other

° responsible party or parties, in a body, all the remaining part of said reservation, being the lands conveyed to said Delaware Indians in pursuance of the provisions of the supplemental treaty of September twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, and all other lands owned by the said tribe in the State of »Kansas not previously disposed of} except as herein- Price. after provided, for a price not less than two dollars and fifty cents per acre, exclusive of improvements. hands of those Anrrcrtn III. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to £*%;g§:n$;‘*gP;£E give each of all the adult Delaware Indians who have received their prowm to b,, ,;_ portion of land in severalty an opportunity, free from all restraint, to elect servedfrom sale. whether they will dissolve their relations with their tribe and become citizens of the United States: and the lands of all such Indians as may elect so to become citizens, together with those of their minor children, held by them in severalty, shall be reserved from the sale hereinbefore Improvements provided for. And the Secretary of the Interior shall cause any and all °°b° “pp"‘s°di improvements made on any of the said lands, the sale of which is provided for, whether held in common or in severalty, to be appraised, and the value thereof added to the price of said lands, to be paid for when pay- ment is made for the lands upon which said improvements exist; and the Y3·l;° *°h°;;'°°f money received for the improvements on the land of each Indian held in Y,:5i,m_°a° severalty shall be paid to him at any time after its payment to the Secretary of the Interior, when the department shall be notified that said Indian is ready to remove to the Indian country; to provide for his removal to, and to enable him to make improvements on his new home therein: L¤¤d¤ f<>l>_¤ set Provided. That whenever it shall be ascertained under the registry above 3f:;°bi:f¤°£;lé8 provided for what lands will he vacated, there shall be set apart from the mntment. lands held in common, for each child of Delaware blood, born since the allotment of land to said tribe in severalty was made under previous treaties, a quantity of land equal to the amount to which they would have been entitled had they been born before said allotment, provided that selections for children belonging to families whose head may elect to remain may be made from lands which are to be vacated by those who Improvements. elect to remove: And provided further, That in case there shall be improvements upon any heretofore allotted lands, so selected for children of the Delawares, payment shall be made for such improvements, at their appraised value, by the parents or guardians of said children, at the saine time as if the said lands had been sold to the railroad company or ot er parties. The United ARTICLE IV. The United States agree to sell to the said Delaware Egxsnzgggto Indians a tract of land ceded to the government by the Choctaws and th, D,,1,,w,_,,,,_ Chickasaws, the Creeks, or the Seminoles, or which may be ceded by the Cherokees in the Indian country, to be selected by the Delawares in one body in as compact a form as practicable, so as to contain timber, water, and agricultural lands, to contain in the aggregate, if the said Delaware Indians shall so desire, a quantity equal to one hundred and sixty (160) acres for each man, woman, and child who shall remove to said country, Price. at the price per acre paid by the United States for the said lands, to be paid for by the Delawares out of the proceeds of sales of lands in Kan- Boundaries sas, heretofore provided for. The said tract of country shall be set off md ““"°Y“* with clearly and permanently marked boundaries by the United States; and also surveyed as public lands are surveyed, when the Delaware council shall so request, when the same may, in whole or in part, be allotted by said council to each member of said tribe residing in said country, said allotment being subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior. , Peaeeabie pos- ARTICLE V. The United States guarantee to the said Delawares

l°¤ 8’·‘°”·¤· peaceable possession of their new home herein provided to be selected for