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834 INDEX. Bankwcuptcy, ( continued.) Bankruptqy, (continued.) circuit court may act therein as a parties and witnesses summoned before court of equity . 518 registers to attend in pursuance ofsumcourt or nny judge may act in term mons . . ..,. 520 time or vncution. .. 518 to be entitled to protection . 520 to have concurrent jurisdiction with to be liable to process of contempt. . 520 district vourts in suits by or against wilful, &c. false swearing before register to assignees in bnnkruptcy . 518 be perjury, and punishable as such 520 suits to be brought within two persons examined before register, refusyears ,. 518 ing or declining to answer, or to obey rights barred not hereby revived 518 his orders, to be referred tojutlgc . 520 jurisdiction in bankruptcy in the District order ofjudge in such case 520 of Columbia, and in the '1`erritories. provisions concerning . . . 541 APPEALS AND PRACTICE. in districts not within any organized circuit, the district judge to exercise the appeals from district courts to circuit power, &e. of at circuit court ., 541 courts, and writs of error from circuit courts to L istriet courts, provisions con- ADMINISTRATION or rim mw xx covers or cerning ..., 520, 521 1xAN1<1tU1>TcY. appeals, within what time to be taken 520 when to be entered 520 registers, one or more, to be appointed for may be waived ,. . . ... 520 each congressional district . .. 518 not to be allowed without bond, &c. 520 mode of appointment, and who eligi- wréts of error not to be grunted, unless, ble ,...,. . . 518 ·c. . . .. . . . 520 bond and conditions thereof 518 no appeal or writ of error to the Supreme oath to be tnken and snbscrilied . 518 Court of the United States, ui>1e~s, Src. 521 their powers and duties ..., . ... 519 justices of Supreme Court to frnmc general to keep docket and send copy to clerk orders go regulnte practice and procedof district court, .. . 519 ure in ankruptcy ..,... 521 such clerk to make entry in his relating to duties ofofli<·crs of courts 521 docket. ... . 519 fees, costs, and charges 521 may interchange duties with other appeals .. 521 registers ... 519 records . , 521 to suite issues of f21ct tbr the court, general orders may be rescinded und where issues are raised and con- new ones made. ..,.,... 521 tested . 519 to be re orted to Coneress from may not commit for contempt .. 519 time rio time . . . .. 521 may not hear disputed adjntlicntions 519 01* question of allowance, &c. of VOLUNTARY BANKRUPTCY. —- COJIMEXCI-JMBNT an order of discharge ... 519 OF PROCEEDINGS. not to be of counsel in any suit, &c. . 519 nor assignee, &c. . 519 who may apply for benefit of the act 521 fees oi bow established, and by whom petition and in what district, .., 521 to be paid .. 519, 540 to state what ..,.. 521 may be directed by district judge to · schedule of debts and creditors to be unattend nt any place in district to nexed to petition ... 521 bearvoluntury applications, &e... 519 how to be verified and to contain travelling and incidental 0x· what .. 521 penscs thereof, and o1" attend- inventory of property to be annexed. . . . 521 ing officers, how to be paid. . 519 how to be verified and what to conwhile so acting to have powers of <lis· tain ...i...,... 521 trict court, except, &c 519 the filing of such petition to be an act of removal of from office, filling vacun- bankruptcy 521 _ cies, Src .. I ... . 519 petitioner to be adjudged bankrupt .. 521 depositions taken before registers and oath on filing the petition and before pro other acts done by them to be reduced ceedings taken . 521 to writing and signed ... 519 warrant, how to issue, and to whom dito be tiled in c1erk's office as part of reeted . 521 _ proceedings 519 marshal to act as messenger 521 during proceedings before registers, opin- to publish and serve notices . 521, 522 ion of district judge may be taken on notice, how to be served, and to state any matters arising therein .. 520 what ... 521 522 register to make certificate to judge, ’ &e ... . 520 Assrcmmxms AND ASSIGNEES. efiect of certiiieztte if signed 520 in {my proceedings in bankruptcy, ques- at meeting held in pursuance of notice, tions in n. specutl case may be submitted register to provide .. 522 t0·the court ,.. 520 messenger to return warrant ... 522 judgment of court to be iinal, unless, if notice insufficient, meeting to be &c . . .. 520 adjourned and new notice 522 parties may make an agreement c0n— if debtor dies after imuinvr of warditioned upon the decision in such rant, proceedings may heontinue, specml case 520 as if he were alive .. 522