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FORTIETH CONGRESS; Sess. III. Ch. 123, 124. 1869. 315 Navy Deparlment.——To supply a deficiency for provisions for the NNY D€P¤*`*· marine corps for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred miagme cor and sixty-eight, forty-two thousand dollars. PS. To supply a deficiency for provisions for the marine corps for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, fifty-six thousand dollars. Jlhiscellaneous. ——To carry out the provisions of section fourteen of an l*§iS<><}U¤¤¤<>¤S- act relating to pensions, approved July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred 18S,;';?;?;?,;, §,4_ and sixty-eight, fifteen thousand dollars. Amie, p, 237, For collecting, preparing, and printing the proceedings at the decora- Soldiers tion of the soldiers’_ graves, under resolution of June twenty-second, g”*"“* eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, two thousand dollars. For supplying deficiency in compensation of register and receiver in L¤¤<l`_<>ffi<>e iu land office in Boise City, Idaho Territory, office rent, and purchase of £I°;‘; (J"}? furniture, six thousand three hundred and twenty-four dollars. Om. f G. For necessary repairs and furniture for the office of the register of ter Ogi;,§d;€§lS- deeds of the District of Columbia, three hundred and fifty dollars. the District of For a sufficient amount to pay the regular salary of the present min- C°£,;;lb(;’}'Samy ister resident at Portugal, and the exchange thereon, from the first day of withheld from July, eighteen hundred and sixty··six, so long as the same was withheld ml¤lS**’l`*‘€*ld°¤l¤ from him. at Portugal. For the relief of the two bands of Sisseton and Walipeton Sioux Indi— WSL‘““°“ sed ans, on the reservations at Lake Traverse and Devil’s Lake, Dakota Ter- Ingmgiioil bwux ritory, to be expended under the direction of the Reverend H. B. Wliip- How to be ex— ple in the purchase of tools, food, seeds, cattle, agricultural implements, P"“dBd‘ and other articles necessary for Indians, and for the construction of houses, sixty thousand dollars: Provided, That the said Wliipple shall Stntegnentof make a full, detailed, and accurate statement to the commissioner of §§l;;Qg;""€St° Indian affairs (who shall transmit the same to Congress) of the manner I in which the amount hereby appropriated has been expended. For compensation of H. B. Whipple for his services as above, fifteen hundred dollars. For this amount expended and to be expended for the relief of the Kaw Indians- Kaw Indians in Kansas, twenty-five thousand dollars. For defraying the actual expenses incurred in negotiating the treatyt Eppéeig of made with the Tabequache, Muache, Capote, `V€€1I1lDUCl(t’, Yampa, bfsdg (YUM, Grand River, and Uintah bands of Ute Indians, on the second of March, Indians. eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, and in procuring the consent of the P"*‘¤ P- 619- said Indians to the Senate amendment thereto, nine thousand two hundred and eighty-six dollars and seventy-seven cents. Survey Duma For additional appropriation required to complete survey of a line dividing the dividing the Creek country, under third and fifth articlelis] of treaty g;g"’§fi(£‘A"?'¤ with the Creek nation of Indians, concluded June fourteen, eighteen gygnfgdigthe hundred and sixty-six, and for surveying exterior boundary of a grant of $€mi¤§>l¤S· _ land to the Seminole nation of Indians, under the third article of the $1;;;: treaty with that nation, concluded March twenty-first, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, five thousand dollars. To supply a deficiency for the payment of machinery for the branch t%‘”“°h lg? mint at Carson City, and balance of freight on the same from Philadel- a mon of phia to Carson City, thirty-one thousand dollars. For fitting up machinery in said mint, and putting it in working order, eleven thousand dollars, or as much thereof as is necessary for that purpose. Approved, March 3, 1869. CHAP. CXXIV. ·—— An Act making Appropriations for the Support of the Army_)€>r the _M§[Q1_$,_§€?; Year ending June zhirtieth, eightwn hundred and seventy, and far other Purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives tf the United pr;;;;; *PPr“° States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and