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TREATY WITH THE SACS AND FOXES. Fnmwanr 18, 1867. 501 the sum of five hundred dollars shall be annually paid to each of the chiefs.” Aarrcnn XI. After the words “Thomas J. Miles," strike out the Art. XI. word as ,md_» Ante, p. 497. Same article. After the words “Hattie Miles,” insert the words: " Ema-Ke-O-Kuck, Hannie·Ke-O-Kuck, Mo-Co-P-quah.” Same article. After the words ·“ each eighty acres," insert the words : “Man-a-tah, Pah-me-che-kaw-paw, Henry Jones, Wilson McKinney, and Carrie C. Capper, each one hundred and sixty acres." Same article. After the words "unimproved lands," insert the following words: " Provided, That the parties herein named shall pay to the Secretary of the Interior, within three months after the ratification of this treaty, the surn of one dollar per acre for said lands, the avails of which shall be used for the benefit of the Sacs and Foxes in the same manner as the other funds arising from the sales of their lands: Provided also, That George Powers, the present Government Interpreter, for valuable services rendered and uniform kindness towards the nation, shall have patented to him, in fee simple, three hundred and twenty acres of land, to be located by the agent: Provided also." Same article. After the word "se1ections," insert the following words: “ And on payment therefor as hereinbefore provided." Anrromc XIII. Strike out the words “Thomas C. Stevens and Com- Art- XIII- pany," and insert in lieu thereof the words: “John K. Rankin." A”“* p' *98* Same article. After the words " agreed that,” strike out the word " they." Anrrcnrz XVI. Strike out the words “ or other persons specially/’ Art. XVI. and insert in lieu thereof the words : " to be." **““· P·“8· ARTICLE XVII. Strike out the words "and have since died,” and Art. XVII. insert in lieu thereof the words: ‘* not less than one dollar and twenty-five A"‘°• P·*”· cents per acre." At the end of Article XIX. add the following words: “not to exceed AFL XIX- the sum of fifteen hundred dollars." A"i°’ p' 4% Strike out all of Article XX., and insert in lieu thereof the following Art. XX. words :Ante, p. 498. " The chiefs and headmen of the Sacs and Foxes having permitted their T’¤;Yi¤i<>¤s ¤• employees to cultivate farms, which, together with the farms of Ke—o-kuck °,§_,.‘;'sf"'“" and other chiefs, are embraced within an area two miles by four, and the said Sacs and Foxes believing that the lands comprising the said area having been made valuable by reason of said occupancy, and in order that they may receive a fair compensation for said area of land, bounded and described as follows, except as heretofore specially excepted, and the mill and mission building, to wit: commencing at the northwest corner of section thirty-three, township sixteen, range seventeen, thence east two and a quarter (2,}) miles to the reservation line; thence south along said line four miles; thence west two and a fourth (2}) miles to the southwest corner of section sixteen, township seventeen, range seventeen; thence north along the section line to the place of beginning, are hereby withdrawn from sale, as is provided for the sale of their lands in this treaty, and the said area of land, as above described, shall be sold by the chiefs and agent for the tribe at the best price obtainable; and they are hereby empowered to make warrantee deeds for the same, subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, at not less than two dollars per acre in addition to the appraised value of the improvements. The avails of said lands shall be expended by the agent, under the direction of the chiefs, for the benefit of the nation." Insert the following as an additional article, to wit: " ARUCLE XXI. The Sacs and Foxes of the Mississippi, parties to this 2;*;e§Xnlgm_ agreement, being anxious that all the members of their tribe shall partici- bm ,,,,1,, ,,,,,8