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502 TREATY WITH THE SACS AND F OXES. FEBRUARY 18, 1867. ¤>_b¤ ¤¢>¤iti¤d Of pate in the advantages to be derived from the investment of their national rs "°°ty· &°‘ funds, sales of lands, and so forth, it is therefore agreed that, as soon as practicable, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs shall cause the necessary proceedings to be adopted, to have such members of the tribe as may be absent notified of this agreement and its advantages, and to induce them to come in and permanently unite with their brethren; and that no part of the funds arising from or due the nation under this or previous treaty stipulations shall be paid to any bands or parts of bands who do not permanently reside on the reservation set apart to them by the Government in the Indian Territory, as provided in this treaty, except those residing in the State of Iowa; and it is further agreed that all money accruing from this or former tribes, [treaties,] now due or to become due said nation, shall be paid them on their reservation in Kansas; and after their removal, as provided in this treaty, payments shall be made at their agency, on their lands as then located." ‘ Attest: GEO. C. GORHAM, Secretary. By W. J. MGDONALD, Okie/` Okr]:. ·*m°¤d¤¤°¤** And whereas the foregoing amendments having been fully explained °°s°°°°dt°‘ and interpreted to the chiefs of the said tribe of Sac and Fox Indians of the Mississippi, whose names are subscribed to the writing hereto following, they did, on the second day of September, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, give their tree and voluntary assent to the said amendments in the words and figures following, to wit: Whereas the Senate of the United States did on the twenty-fifth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, advise and consent to the ratification of Articles of Agreement made and concluded the eighteenth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven, between the United States and the Sac and Fox tribes of Indians, with the following AMENDMENTS : ARTICLE III. After the words " the interest thereon " insert: " out of the proceeds of the sale of lands ceded in this treaty." ARTICLE IV. Strike out the following words: " and the legal rights of railroad corporations shall be conceded thereon, the same as on other public lands." ARTICLE V. Strike out the words: " and the legal rights of railroad corporations shall accrue there0n." Same article. Strike out the words: " and the scrip referred to in the third article of this treaty shall be received in payment for any of the lands herein ceded to the United States and not granted to any railroad corporation, at any time after the removal of the Indians, as provided in the seventh article hereof " ; and insert in lieu thereof the following words : " Provided, That such lands shall be subject to sale in tracts of not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres to any one person and at a price not less than one dollar and fifty cents per acre." Strike out all of Article IX., and insert in lieu thereof as follows: " In order to promote the civilization of the tribe, one section of land, convenient to the residence of the agent, shall be selected by said agent, with the approval of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and set apart for a manual labor school, and there shall also be set apart from the money to be paid to the tribe under this treaty, the sum of ten thousand dollars for the erection of the necessary school buildings and dwelling for teacher, and the annual amount of five thousand dollars shall be set apart from the income of their funds, after the erection of such school