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TREATY WITH THE SIOUX INDIANS. FEBRUARY 19, 1867. 509 TIHDON ICA, his x mark, Sissitou soldier. TAWAPAHAMAZA, his x mark, “ “ WANDIIYEZA, his x mark, “ “ TACUNRPIPETA, his x mark, “ “ WICUMRPINUMPA, his x mark, Wa[r]petou " XUPEHIYU, his x mark, “ “ ECETUKIYE, his x mark, “ “ KANGIDUTA, his x mark, “ “ Witnesses to signatures of above chiefs and soldiers: CHARLES E. Mix. BENIN THOMPSOIL J. R. Baown. ANEXUS M. A. BROWN, Interpreter. CnAs. Ciuwrono. Trios. E. Mc GnAw. J. H. LEAvENw0ET1:I. A. B. Noivron. Gso. B. JONAS. FRANK S. MIX. And whereas, the said Treaty having been submitted to the Senate of R3¤li¤¤¤Pi<>¤ the United States for its constitutional action thereon, the Senate did, on the nfteenth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven, i advise and consent to the ratification of the same, with amendments, by a resolution in the words and figures following, to wit: IN EXECUTIVE SEssIoN, SENATE or THE UNITED Srnrss. April 15, 1867. Resolved, (twwthirds of the Senators present concurring,) That the Senate advise and consent to the ratification of the Treaty between the United States and the Chiefs and Headmen of the Sissiton and Warpeton bands of Dakota Indians, concluded February 19th, 1867, with the following AMENDMENTS. Strike out all of said treaty from and following the 6th to the 14th AM, PP- 507, article, both inclusive, and insert in lieu thereof the following, viz: 50S' ARTICLE VI. And, further, in consideration of the destitution of said Congress will bands of Sissiton and Warpeton Sioux, parties hereto, resulting from the QQ(g°£l’£;';,5;‘“‘ confiscation of their annuities and improvements, it is agreed that Con· Indigngtg mm,,, gress will, in its own discretion, from time to time, make such appropria- ¤<>l=3¤7t_¤s§;¤¤l¤¤- tions as may be deemed requisite to enable said Indians to return to an m ‘ °’ °`· agricultural life under the system in operation on the Sioux reservation in 1862; including, if thought advisable, the establishment and support of local and manual labor schools; the employment of agricultural, mechanical, and other teachers; the opening and improvement of individual farms; and generally such objects as Congress in its wisdom shall deem necessary to promote the agricultural improvement and civilization of said bands. ARTICLE VII. An agent shall be appointed for said bands, who shall Agentsbe located at Lake Traverse; and whenever there shall be five hundred (500) persons of said bands permanently located upon the Devil’s Lake reservation there shall be an agent or other competent person appointed to superintend at that place the agricultural, educational, and mechanical interests of said· bands. ARTICLE VIII. All expenditures under the provisions of this treaty Expenditures. shall be made for the agricultural improvement and civilization of the