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TREATY WITH THE UTE INDIANS. MARCH 2, 1868. 619 Treaty between the United States if America and the Taba che, Muaclw, Oapote, Weeminuc/ae, Yampa, Grand River, and Wntabufiznds tf Ute Indians ; Ohncluded Mare/a 2, 1868 ; Ratification advised with Amendment, July 25, 1868 ; Amendment acc ted August 15, September 1, 14-, 24, and 25, 1868; Proclaimed November 6, 1868. ANDREW JOHNSON, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 2, 1860. ro nr. ann smsunu ·ro wnou runes rmtsnsrs sntm. conn, onasrmo: Wumnaas a treaty was made and concluded at the city of Washing. Preamble. ton, in the District of Columbia, on the second day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, by and between Nathaniel G. Taylor, Alexander C. Hunt, and Kit Carson, connnissiouers, on the part of the United States, and U-ré, Ka-ni-ache, 09¤¤¤wti¤g An-ka-nosh, José-Maria, Ni-ca-a-gat, Guero, Pa-ant, Pi-ah, Su-vi-ap, and P“'°‘°" Pa-bu-sat, representatives of the Tabeguache, Muache, Capote, Weeminuche, Yampa, Grand River, and Uintah bands of Ute Indians, on the part of said Indians, and duly authorized thereto by them, which treaty is in the words and figures following, to wit :— Articles of a treaty and agreement made and entered into at Washington City, D. C., on the second day of March, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, by and between Nathaniel G. Taylor, Commissioner of Indian Atlairs, Alexander C. Hunt, Governor of Colorado Territory and ex-otiicio superintendent of Indian affairs, and Kit Carson, duly authorized to represent the United States, of the one part, and the representatives of the Tabaquache, Muache, Capote, Weeminuchc, Yampa, Grand River, and Uintah bands of Ute Indians, (whose names are hereto subscribed,) duly authorized and empowered to act for the body of the people of said bands, of the other part, witness : Anrrcmt I. All the provisions of the treaty concluded with the Tabegua- _ G¤¥¤¤l¤ pfvche band of Utah Indians, October seventh, one thousand eight hundred and gdgzgsrgidfrmu sixty-three, as amended by the Senate of the United States and proclaimed nrmed;__ December fourteenth, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, which v°l· ’“’· P- *7*- are not inconsistent with the provisions of this treaty, as hereinafter provided, are hereby reaffirmed and declared to be applicable and to continue in force as well to the other bands, respectively, parties to this treaty, as to the Tabequadme band of Utah Indians. Anrxcnm II. The United States agree that the following district of Reservation. country, to wit: commencing at that point on the southern boundary line of the Territory of Colorado where the meridian of longitude 107° west _ from Greenwich crosses the same ; running thence north with said B°¤¤d¤¤°‘• meridian to a point fifteen miles due north of where said meridian intersects the fortieth parallel of north latitude; thence due west to the western boundary line of said Territory; thence south with said western boundary line of said Territory to the southern boundary line of said Territory ; thence east with said southern boundary line to the place of beginning, shall be, and the same is hereby, set apart for the absolute and undisturbed use and occupation of the Indians herein named, and for such other friendly tribes or individual Indians as from time to time they may be willing, with the consent of the United States, to admit among them;