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652 TREATY WITH THE CROW INDIANS. MAY 7, 1868. goods as may be needed to make each a suit as aforesaid, together with a pair of woollen hose for each. Census. And in order that the Commissioner of Indian Affairs may be able to estimate properly for the articles herein named, it shall be the duty of the agent, each year, to forward to him a full and exact census of the Indians, on which the estimate from year to year can be based. \¤{¤¤¤}l ¤p; And, in addition to the clothing herein named, the sum of ten dollars £,'°§§:;*g,":°;,° shall be annually appropriated for each Indian roaming, and twenty years; dollars for each Indian engaged in agriculture, for a period of ten years, to be used by the Secretary of the Interior in the purchase of such articles as, from time to time, the condition and necessities of the Indians may indicate to be proper. And if, at any time within the ten years] it shall appear that the amount of money needed for clothing, under this article, can be appropriated to better uses for the tribe herein named, may be Congress may, by law, change the appropriation to other purposes; but °l’“°g°d· in no event shall the amount of this appropriation be withdrawn or dis- Amy ,,,;,,,6,. continued for the period named. And the President shall annualliy to attend the detail an officer of the army to be present and attest the delivery of a 1 gg2g;'?' °f the goods herein named to the Indians, and he shall inspect and report on the quantity and quality of the goods and the manner of their de- S¤b¤i¤¤¤¤<=¤- livery; and it is expressly stipulated that each Indian over the age of four years, who shall have removed to and settled permanently upon said reservation, and complied with the stipulations of this treaty, shall be entitled to receive from the United States, for the period of four years after he shall have settled upon said reservation, one pound of meat and one pound of flour per day, provided the Indians cannot furnish their Cow and oxen own subsistence at an earlier date. And it is further stipulated, that the to °¤°h Y¤¤¤llY· United States will furnish and deliver to each lodge of Indians, or family of persons legally incorporated with them, who shall remove to the reservation herein described, and commence farming, one good American cow and one good, well—broken pair of American oxen, within sixty days after such lodge or family shall have so settled upon said reservation. Physician, ARTICLE X. The United States hereby agrees to furnish annually to l°*°h°'°»&°· the Indians the physician, teachers, carpenter, miller, engineer, farmer, and blacksmiths as herein contemplated, and that such appropriations shall be made from time to time, on the estimates of the Secretary of the Interior, as will be suillcient to employ such persons. Ccssion of Arvrxcnn XI. No treaty for the cession of any portion of the reserva-

   tion hercin described, which may be held in common, shall be of any

i,,,,,;;,,, ‘ force or validity as against the said Indians unless executed and signed by, at least, a majority of all the adult male Indians occupying or interested in the same, and no cession by the tribe shall be understood or construed in such manner as to deprive, without his consent, any individual member of the tribe of his right to any tract of land selected by him as provided in Article VI. of this treaty. Annual pros- ARTICLE XII. It is agreed that the sum of five hundred dollars annu- $::;£{°':::”S ally, for three years from the date when they commence to cultivate a Pfarm, shall be expended in presents to the ten persons of said tribe who, in the judgment of the agent, may grow the most valuable crops for the respective year. W. T. SHERMAN, Lt. Gcnl. WM. S. HARNEY, But. Mq;`r. Gen. Q- Peace Commissioner. ALFRED H. TERRY. But. M: Gaul. C. C. AUGUR, But. M Gen!. JOHN B. SANBORN. S. F. TAPPAN. Asnrou S. H. Wnzrn, .S'eere¢a1y.