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52 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 35. 1868. NW York From Roslyn to Port Washington. From Little Neck, via Great Neck, to Manhassett. From Fabius, via Cuyler, to Pitcher. mNorr.h Caro- NORTH CAROLINA. 18. From Newport, via Sanders’ Store and Pettiford, to Peletier’s Mills. From Newport to Pettil`ord's Creek. omo. OHIO- From Zaleslri to New Plymouth. From West Union, via Cedar Run and Mineral Springs, to Locust Grove. From Dunharton to Mineral Springs. From West Union, via Wheat Ridge and Newport, to Tranquility. From Colpey to New Portage, via Bates’ Corners and Clark’s Mills, in Summit county, and from Dennison to Bates’ Corners in same county. From Cumberland to Caldwell. From Barnesville, via Temperanceville, to Miltonsburgh. From North Georgetown, via Beloit and North Benton, to Deerfield. From Copley to New Portage. From Sbadcsville to Genoa. From Greensburgh Cross Roads to West Mill Grove. From Berne Station, via Hartzler, to West Rushville. From New Bremen to Anna Station. From Hornersville, via Maple, to Freeshurg. From Van West to Celina. From Urbana, via Spring Hills, to De Graff From London, via Lafayette, Somerford, and Tradersville to Rosedale. From Tippecanoe City, via Ginghamsburg and Fidelity, to Union. From New Bremen to Dinsmore. From Hillsborough, via Samantha and Careytown, to Vienna. From Frazeysburg to Bladensburg. From Long Run to Fallsburg. From Hanover, via P[e]rryton, to Fallsburg. From Findley, via Benton Ridge, Bluffton, and Beaverdam, to Lima. From New I olland, via Clarksburgh and Greenland, to Chillicothe. From Anna to Minster. 0mg0n- OREGON. From Brownsville, via Peoria, Corvallis, Summers, in King’s Valley, Haptonstalls, at the foot of Yaquima Hills, Elk City, at the Yaquima Bay, Military Wagon Road and Oysterville, to Newport, on the Bay of Yaquima. From Portland, via Brideport and Chehalcm Gap, to Dayton. From Albany, via Boston Mills, to Brownsville. From Corvallis, via. Beeder’s Mill, King’s Valley, and Pioneer, to Yaquima. From Dalles, Oregon, via Rockland, Washington Territory, Block House, and Simcoe, to Yaquima. From Corvallis, via. Somers, in King’s Valley, Haptonstalls, at the foot of Yaquima Hill, Pioneer City, Elk City, and Oysterville, to Newport. From Express Ranch, in Rye Valley, to Humboldt Basin. From Umatilla, via the county seat of Yaquima and the Snoqaulmio Pass, to Seattle, Washington Territory.