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FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 46, 48. 1868. 61 be subject to such restrictions as the Secretary of War may think neces- Limit °¤`8¤¤¢· sary to protect the interests of the United States: And provided further, That no more than four rods in width of the government land shall be occupied under the provisions of this act. Approved, May 20, 1868. CHAP. XLVIII.-An Act to extend cla Charter of Washington City, also to regulate May 28, 1888. the Selection of Officers, and for other Purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United °vg_?gE,?§f18?' States of America in Congress assembled, That an act entitled “An act Act of 1848, to continue, alter, and amend the charter of the city of Washington," °h§;g•V°%."`;d approved May seventeenth, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, and the i,,,;,,,,;,;::,):,},,`;,],,,,,, several amendments thereof now in force, are hereby continued in force org &¤- _ for the term of one year from the date hereof, or until Congress shall by 8_ °° "°]'x`"'p` law determine otherwise. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Mayor, aides mayor of the city of Washington, District of Columbia, the board of *9;*26 ”·”d €‘?“”‘ aldermen, and the board of common council thereof, to assemble in joint g:,,,v,,gii§,,,lg,,d convention at the city hall in said city on the first Tuesday of July, elcctcermin cmeighteen hundred and sixty-eight, and proceed to select by ballot all ofii- °°" by b“u°t‘ cers whose appointments, upon the nomination of the mayor, are now authorized by the charter, or by any law of the United States, or act or T, f ordinance of said city, or which may hereafter be authorized thereby, who ,,,8;*2::,; JP3? shall hold their offices respectively for one year, and until asuccessor is nee. appointed; and on the same day of the month in each year thereafter the m1;‘:t“"° °l°°‘ joint convention shall proceed to a new selection: Provided, That no Q,{,jm,,,,,;0m person shall be regarded as incompetent to hold any of said offices, or be f¤¢ ¤¤<=h <>6‘i<>¤¤· disqualified therefor, who is a qualified elector in said District. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That in all meetings of the mayor Ifroceedings of the city of Washington and of the boards of aldermen and common ggJ°‘“°°“v°“' council for the purposes mentioned in the second section of this act, the ` mayor or the president of either of said boards shall preside, and the secretaries of said boards shall act as tellers, and keep a record of the proceedings, and the mayor, or any member of either of said boards may nominate one or more persons for the offices required to be filled, and the person having the highest number of votes shall be publicly declared selected, and a certificate of his election shall within Eve days be made Certificates ot' out and be signed by the presiding officer and secretaries, and be trans- °l‘;§’;?;;u mw mitted to the person selected, who shall within ten days thereafter enter cd, when to ,¤. on the discharge of the duties of his office, which shall be immediately ¤¢¤‘<>¤ ¤¤i<=¤- vacated by any person then holding the same. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all questions arising in. the Questions joint convention authorized by this act shall be determined by a majority égxfilg be of the votes of the members thereof present at any of its meetings, and .;,,,.3,,,,;,,,,,; by , it shall have power to adjourn from time to time until all the duties majority voteimposed upon it shall be completed, and to require of the persons selected m£gf“m' for any office such security as may be deemed necessary. And in the Vacancies. ' event of any vacancy from disability, death, or resignation, it shall be the duty of the mayor to call a meeting of the joint convention to select a successor for the unexpired term of service. Sec. 5. And be tt further enacted, That when the mayor, the board of Bank mths

 and the common council shall be assembled in joint convention, $5*:;** gi. me

as provided tbr in this act, they shall, by a majority vote, designate a my gsm desi!. bank in which the various moneys of the city of Washington shall be newgiiuthvcow deposited, and they shall make such regulations in relation to the mode in v°”t‘°"‘ which such funds shall be kept and paid out as shall be deemed advisable - for the interests of the city ; and within five days after such designation Ccrtiticate ct ¥ a certificate of the bank selected shall be made out and placed in the g;";:';‘:°;‘;d2:t