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1288 INDEX Secretary of the Navy, (continued.) Secretary ofzhe Treasury, (continued.) damages for the destruction of the sloop may issue commissions to yachts for purof war Oneida . 588 pose of identification 170, 171 may deliver a steam-boiler to the man- to prescribe forms of manifests, certifiagers of the Industrial Home for Desti- cates, oaths, &c. provided for in the act tate Children of the District of Colum- to regulate the foreign and coasting bis . . . 592 trade on the northern, &c frontiers... 177 to prescribe regulations respecting the may ascertain facts and remit fines right of way granted to the Pensacola and penalties incurred under that · and Burrancas Railroad Company... 593 act ... . . 179 appropriations for pay of] and of clerks may make certain allowances in lieu of in the office of .. . ... 248, 492 salary and commissions to deputy col- Secretaiy ty the Senate, lectors of internal revenue acting as to draw the appropriation for joint select collectors .. 179 committee on retrenchmentu ... 89 may make regulations for natives of to report to Congress his receipts and islands of Saint George and Saint expenditures in detail, &c. ... 365 Paul to kill fur seals 180 to make inventory of property in his pos- may restrict the number of fur seals that session 365 may be killed in any year upon those Secretary ty" the T reasuty, islands 180 to determine rates of salary of temporary may lease for twenty years the right to clerks in his department . 9 take fur seals thereon 180, 181 to turn over to ost-Otlice Department form and conditions of lease .,. 181 envelopes for dead-letter ofice, printed may declare any lease forfeit<·d, ii &c. 181, 182 in Treasury Department . 9 to make regulations for collection of tax appropriadons for defence of suits against, upon fur—seal skins .. 181, 182 , for seizures of captured and abandoned may deliver fur-seal skins new on islands ; property in insurrecsionary districts..1l, 84 to owners, npon payment, &e . 182 § to make a present application of former to pay Massachusetts and Maine certain i appropriation for the Bangor custom- sums for the use of the European and i hou c, Etc .. 52 North Amcriian Railway Company. .. 198 to transfer appropriation for paper for to designate depositarics to receive money y public printing to, &.c . . . 54 paid for patent fees .. 209 g to retain all moneys due from the United to supervise the expenditure of the special l States to any State, if such State is in appropriation for office of the Treas- ¤ default in payment of interest, or prin- urer of the United States 238 l cipal on stocks, &c. issued, &c. by it to report to auditor balances of approprie i and held in trust by the United States 77 ations DOE drawn against for two years 251 duty of, in respect to contracts for com- to cancel certain three per cent. temporary l pletion of building in New York city, loan certificates . 252 or court-house and postoliice . 85, 295, may notify holders that they will not bear 296 interest, nor be longer part ol' money i in Boston, for p0st·office and sub- reserve of banks . ,... 252 treasury 85, 296 duty of, in connection with the rcdistri— to close the accounts of B. B. French. . . 88 bution of the currency . . . 253 3 to settle the accounts of certain disbursing in reference to the examination of the oflicers ... . 89 accounts of consular officers and to appoint not over fifty-three special their business ... . ... 221 agents to examine hooks and accounts to prescribe regulations, &c. as to samples of collec ors and other officers of cus- of sugar, &c. for determining duties toms. ... . . 122, 123 upon imports of such articles. 262 and make rules for their government 123 upon wools on the skin 263 Q duty ol', in determining the amount to be for admitting free ol' duty animals paid for the use of the Corcoran build- specially imported .. 265 ings and grounds ... 139 for proof of identity of certain arti- to disburse appropriation for special coun- cies to be admitted free of duty.. . 266 sel, to be employed by him ... 148 for admission of certain machinery to revoke the designation of the collector free of duty 269 of customs at Baltimore, Md., as de- to designate common carriers of merchan- § poitary, and order transfer of moneys 152 diseentered for immcdiatetransportation 270 to issue register to the schooner “Cavallo to rescribe forms of bonds, entries, oaths, § Marino " .. 165 5c. in reference to such immediate may require the opinion of the Attorney- transportation .. . . .. 271 eneral on questions of law arising in to authorize the establishment. of bonded his department . 163 warehouses for such service .. 271 Z not to employ counsel at the expense of powers ot; undcr the act to authorize the the United States. . . 164 refunding of the national debt. . . 272 ·- 274 to furnish forms for monthly returns by to issue, dispose oi, &c. certain cou- collectors of customs of moneys col- pon_or registered bonds .. 272, 278 lcctcd for marine hospital service . 170 to receive certain gold coin on de- § may appoint supervising surgeon of ma- posit, &c .. 273 3 rino hospital service . 170 to refund certain tonnage taxes to the powers of, as to granting licenses for United States and Brazil Steamship i yachts used as pleasure vessels 170, 171 Company . . . . . . . . .`. 274