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154 FORTY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. IL Ch. 133. 1870. J“d8°» ¤P· shall be composed of one judge, who shall be a man learned in the law, gflgglfsnjgbgm and who shall be appointed by the President of the United States, by l and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and shall hold his officc for the term of six years. Before entering upon the duties of his officc he shall take the oath prescribed for judges of the courts of the United States. Salary. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the salary of said judge shall Clerk, appoint- be three thousand dollars per annum. The said court shall have power {“‘?“l· ml'"-Y· to appoint a clerk at a salary of two thousand dollars per annum, who eun of otiioe. . . . . _ shall hold his office during the pleasure of said court. He may appoint Deputy. one deputy, with the consent of the court, if the business shall require it, to be paid such compensation as may be allowed by the court, not BW! of ¤l¤¤k exceeding one thousand dollars per annum. Said clerk shall give bond

`i2g_°°m`°f °f with surety, and take the oath of office as prescribed by law for clerks of

district courts of the United States. He shall have power to administer oaths and ailirmations, and in his absence his deputy may administer the same. Prosecutions Sue. 3. And be z't_)‘ln·1fhcr enacted, That prosecutions in said police $nl€f°£*’S;:l°" court shall be by information under oath, without indictment by gt-and ’ ° jury or trial by petit jury ; but any party tleeming himself aggrieved by Appetit; the judgment of said court may appeal to the criminal court held by a justice of the supreme court of the District of Columbia, and in such bow to be case the appeal shall be tried on the information filed in the court below,

  • 'l°‘l· certified to said criminal court, by a jury in attendance thereat, as though

the case had originated therein. _ T¤¤¤¤ ¢>fp¤- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That said police court shall hold a l‘°° °°“'°‘ term on the first Monday of every month, and continue the same from day to day as long us it may be necessary for the transaction of its busilfoworofjudgc ness. Said judge shall have power to issue process for the arrest of “’ “‘°"° l”"°°”“i persons against whom information may be filed, or complaint under oath _, toonforce be made, to compel the attendance of witnesses; and said court may ·l“‘lg'“°'““¤&°‘ enforce any of its judgments or sentences by fine or imprisonment, or Process how by both. In cases arising out of violations of any of the ordinances of to he <llF°¤!¤<l i¤ either of said cities, or of the laws of said levy court, such process shall €f:,`j$;,€°,;§°j2: be directed to the chief of the metropolitan police of the`District of dtnances; Columbia, who shall execute the same, and make return thereofi in like manner as in other cases; but in cases now cognizable in the said crimi— in ctlm-cases. nal court the process shall be directed to the marshal of said district, except in cases of emergency, when it may be dircctcd to said chief of Fm ofmm·— the metropolitan police; and for his services the marshal shall receive the BW- same fees prescribed for like service in said criminal court, to be paid P¤‘¤¤¤¤¤h¤W as provided for in section fourteen of this act. Such process shall be

°;°;%_°"d under the seal of said police court, and shall bear a teste in the name

ltfpoltcejndgo of said judge, and be signed by the clerk. , And in cases of sickness, ab-

’;’;;’;$»h;;‘*° sence, or disability of saithpoliee judge, either of the justices of the

d,,,;,,,_ supreme court of the District of Columbia shall designate some justice of the peace of said District to discharge the duties of said police judge, until such disability be removed, who shall take the same oath as is prescribed for said judge of the police court, and shall receive the sum of ten dollars per day for the time he shall serve, to be paid in the same manner as the salary ofsuid police judge is paid. Couumpts. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That said police court shall have g;*:_:’:;t"?“l· power to punish contempts, and to issue all process necessary for the 0 . . . . . · . ,,,,,,,,,;,,6 ,~(,,_ exercise of its jurisdiction, and shall have a seal. But said court shall elsnm. not have power to naturalize foreigners. 1;st1t¤‘¤,¤¤a Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That said police court may appoint

  • l¤¤¤‘ {MY- beilifils, not exceeding two, who shall receive for their services three

dollars each for every days attendance upon said court, to be paid as provided for in section fourteen of this act, upon certificate of said service by the judge of said court.