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188 FORTY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 199, 200, 207, 208. 1870. L¤¤d¤ mw b¤ Sm. 2. And be it further enacted, That said lands may be surveyed ""°y°°! ""1 and sold to the highest bidder, under the directions of the Secretary of the . sold subject to _ _ _ , lien. Interior, subject to said 11en. Ammovmo, July 1, 1870. July 1, 1870. CHAP. CC.—An Aet to amend awt_ Act entitled _"An Act to establzsh and to protect

 Natzonal Cemeteries."

vol` xw` p' Sm Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Jurisdictiop. States of America in Congress assembled, That from the time any Smge

 legislature shall have given, or shall hereafter give, the consent of such

tiomneemeterics State to the purchase by the United States of any national cemetery °°*P;,PK"°h”° mentioned in the act entitled "An act to establish and protect iiatiomsl gale {$,5 gg;,,, cemeteries," approved February twenty-second, eighteen hundred and its ¤¤¤s¤n¤· sixty-seven, the jurisdiction and power of legislation of the United States over such cemetery shall in all courts and places be held to be the same as is granted by section eight, article one, of the Constitution of the United States - and all the provisions of said act of February twenty-second eightedn hundred and sixty-seven, shall be applicable to the same. , Copies of this Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the “°“° be 5***** “° Secretary of War to cause copies of this present act to be sent to the she governors of . . . such 5mm_ governors of all such States, wherein any of such national cemeteries may be situated, to the end that the legislatures of such States may give the consent herein mentioned. Approved, July 1, 1870. JU}? 7, 1870· CHAP. CCVII.-An Act for the Reliq'¢y“ Pre-emption Settlers in the State of Nebraska. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 0¤\‘¤¤¥¤ We- States o America in Con ress assembled, That settlers u on the ublio om tion settlers · · - · · g p in fhbmkmo domain within the limits of the State of Nebraska, who, prior to the first; have one year day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy, had filed their declaratory f'°m FM P°‘””H° statements under the pre-emption laws for tracts once ofiered at public of this act to . . . . . make pm; {md sale and afterwvards included m the lateral limits of any withdrawal for piymnt- railroad grants, where such lands were at date of filing, as aforesaid, subject 20 disposal, under said pre-em ption laws, and who, through erroneous belie that by such withdrawal the lands so settled upon and claimed became subject to the designation of “ unoffered" lands, have failed to make the proof and payment required by law within one year from the date of alleged settlement, shall be, and are hereby, allowed and authorized to make such proof and paymentlwithin one year from the passage of this act, upon showing alfull compliance with all other provisions of the pre- Pr¤vi¤¤· emption laws: Provzded, That such settlements were upon the even— numbered sections, and do not include cases declared to be invalid by the commissioner of the general land office. Approved, July 7, 1870.

 CHAP. CQVHI. —An Act to amend an Act entitled “An Act to establish a Police Court

’:;?t,°,!t· is; ·i$2f§Z;l‘Zi¥&’ii.iL€,fj?’"’"°‘“· “""”" °"‘" "·m·" WM M ·m··*~"· ~W· I Be il enacted bylthe Senate and House of Representatives of the United MPa12v;) States- of America m Congress assembled, Thai; an act entitled "An act to of Columbia establish a police court for the District of Columbia, and for other pur- §:•ag·::d¤g§¤;i. poses, approved June seventeen, eighteen hundred and seventy, be, and mm md sur the same is hereby, amended so that the said police court may be organthejudgo hn ized and the first term thereof held any day after the judge of said court been qualiiied. shall have been commissioned and qualified, Armovav, July 7, 1870.