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440 FORTY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 99, 100. 1871. W ¤l¤*7¢ of ings in any suit or prosecution in any State court, to be used in any court; gt,°,?,,°f;°Q:; of the United States, if the clerk of said State court shall, upon demand tudettver copies and the payment or tender of the legal fees, refuse or neglect to deliver

£"§°"d?• &°·;t to such part certified copies of such record and prooeedmgs, the court;-of

mg,. 3:,: $1 the United gtates in which such record and proceedings may be needed, r¤9crdt¤b¤¤¤p- on proof by afiidavit that the clerk of such State court has refused or-

 by "md“‘ neglected to deliver copies thereof on demand as aforesaid, may direct

' and allow such record to be supplied by affidavit or otherwise, as the S mm circumstances of the case may require and allow; and thereupon such Pw¢m@i¤ roceeding, trial, and judgment may be had in the said court of the “°h °"‘“°" {lnlted States, and all such processes awarded, as if certified copies of such records and proceedings had·been regularly before the said court; _N¤¤¢=¤ of ¤¤- and hereafter in all civil actions in the courts of the United States either mm f" tml' party thereto may notice the same for trial. R¤p¤¤l<>f¤¤*· Sec. 18. And be it further enacted, That sections five and six of the “?z)g?h'i“’ act of the Congress of the United States approved July fourteen, eigh- Am, pp. zss, teen hundred and seventy, and entitled "An act to amend the naturali-

  • ‘:;°¤d_ px zaticip liws, and 131 prgnplghcrrmes pgapasp thetsa;e,; be, and thprsame

are ere , re a ; u 18 re ea s a no a ec any procee m or $t£&?‘ prosecutiob noi): pending for any btfence under the said sections, or eigher of them, or any question which may arise therein respecting the appointment of the persons in said sections, or either of them, provided for, or the powers, duties, or obligations of such persons. Votes t'orrep· Sm. 19. And be it further enacted, That all votes for representatives "(§Q:g:;':f Q: in Congress shall hereafter be by written or printed_ ballot, any law of only bywritten any State to the contrary notwithstanding; and all votes received or ¤¤t>¤i¤¤¤d l>¤U°*- recorded contrary to the provisions of this section shall be of none effect. Approved, February 28, 1871 Feb. 28, 1871- CHAP. C.-•An Act to provide r the better Securit o Lie on board """"`°"""""" propelled in hola or E!1?Part by Steam, anay oiherf Puqooses. of Vessels Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United b°N<;5>:é>¢;;=;g States of America in Uongresx assembled, That -no license, register, or enwfgl mpoumf rollment shall be granted, or other papers issued, by any collector or other imwhole or in chief 0{Flicer of the customs, to any vessel propelled in whole or in part by £:';m{:*°;‘j‘» steam, until he shall have satisfactory evidence that all the provisions of vm,,,,, cgrlhgs this act have been fully complied with; and if any such vessel shall be wélpre complied navigated without complying with the tems of this act, the owner or Pénwy for owners thereof shall forfeit and pay to the United States the sum of five uonmmpxtsnes. hundred dollars for each offence, one half for the use of the informer, and for which sum the steamboat or vessel so engaged shall be liable, and may be seized and proceeded against by way of libel in any district court of the United States having jurisdiction of the offence. Such steam- Sec. 2. And bcjt further enacted, That every steamer so propelled, and saga? carrying passengers or freight, shall be provided with suitable pipes and M_ to convoy ’ valves attached to the boiler to convey steam into the hold and the diiier-

t;¤;r}p;peoxt¤¤— ent compartments thereof to extmgnsh fire ; and every stove. used on

Bm"; board of any such vessel shall be well and securely fastened, so as to W°qd.wgrk preyent it from being moved or overthrown, and all wood-work or other gmt ¤¤¤¤¤‘¤, ignntible substances about the boilers,.chimneys, cook-houses, and stove- ' pipes exposed to ignition shall be thoroughly shielded by some incombustible material, in such a manner as to leave the air`to circulate freely between such material and wood-work or other ignitible substance; and Drgy pfip; before granting a certificate of inspection, the inspector shall require all wm; "‘ ‘“ other ppcessary} proviséons tp be made throughout such vessel to guard agams oss or anger rom re. m?!;:;?!;:;:" 3. And be ftfurther enacted, That every steamer permitted by l16P W be provided certtlwate of mspectton to carry as many as fifty passengers, or upward,