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FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. ILL Ch. 113, 114. 1871. 495 any judicial district within his circuit to hold a district or circuit court in the place or aid of any other district judge within the same circuit; and 1t;sl1all he the duty of such district judge as shall be for that purpose No additional designated and appointed to hold the district or circuit court as aforesaid P“Y· yvithout any other compensation than his regular salary as established by aw. Sec. 4. That the salaries provided for in the foregoing section of this $¤l¤Fi¢¤ ]>¤5’¤· act shall be payable in quarterly instalments on the first days of April, me qum y' July, October, and January of each year, and an amount sufficient to pay Appropriation. the same is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. APPROVED, March 3, 1871. CHAP. CXIV.—An Act making Appr0;2riations]5`m· sund civil Expenses of the Gov- March 8. 1871. ernment fur the fiscal Year endeng June thirty, eig een hanged and seventy-two, and far "—`____`_ other Pzuposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and 1[kuse of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, Civil {expenses and the same are hereby, appropriated, for the objects hereinafter ex- app"°pmm°”‘ pressed, for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, viz. z- STATE DEPARTMENT. State Depart- For defraying the expenses of defending claims under the convention mgiiims conwith Mexico of July four, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, to be ex- 1‘G’“*l°” with gended under the direction of the Attorney-General, twenty thousand vi-,)ii(;){Y_p_6yg_ ollars. For the compensation and expenses of the commission for determining Commission the pending questions between Great Britain and the United States, “g§3‘g“‘if,E;%“’ twenty-five thousand dollars. iénm érmiug For the compensation and expenses of a. commission for determining with Spain. the questions pending between the United States and Spain, growing out of the acts of the Spanish otiieials in and about Cuba, fifteen thousand dollars. For the increase in the expenses of the diplomatic and consular officers Expenses of of the United States in Pwis, caused by zz state of war; and also for com- dlPl°T*`**l°£“d pensation for extraordinary services performed by such officers during ?§x$gr¥§au;;§ the war; and also for the additional expense caused to the legations and by the war; consulates of the United States in Madrid, Paris, Berlin, and London, by B;;liQ“*:;édi0¤_ reason of the war, and by reason of the protection assumed by the United don; ’ States of persons, legations, and consulates of other powers in Paris, a. sum not to exceed fifty thousand dollars in all, or so much thereof as may· be necessary, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of State, on the approval of the President, and on vouchers to be filed in the Treasury Department, and a statement thereof to be reported to Congress by the Secretary of State. _ To defray the expenses incurred by the United States legation in Paris, legtiou iv in protecting the subjects of the North German Confederation in France £;'g;;‘ml;gf°t‘ during the war between France and Prussia, including extra compensation to the secretaries, messenger, and use of carriage of said legation, four thousand dollars; and the foregoing appropriations are hereby made available immediately upon the passage of this act. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Treasury De- _ partment. Supervising Inspectors of Steam- Vessels. —- For carrying out the pro- _ Supervising visions of the act of thirtieth August, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, for g` the better protection of the lives of passengers on vessels propelled in ]852’chj1O6_ whole or in part by steam, and of the acts amendatory thereon the follow- Vol. x. p. 61. ing sums, viz. 2--