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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 140. 1872. 83 annual estimates for appropriations for the next Hscal year such sum or printing and Sums 38 may to them seem necessary “for printing and binding, to be binding executed under the direction of the congressional printer." SEC· 3. That ll} Slllélll be hl1G duty of the 0011gI‘€SSl0l13l pI‘lI1i}CI`, when Congressional Congress shall have made an appropriation for any department or public PFM6F *0 °P°P 0ii'ice,_t0 be expended “ for printing and binding, to be executed under the gg0g0g2u2f1g2t3g d.1l'€Ctl0D of the 0O11gTessional printer," to cause an account to be opened &c., forpwhich an with each of said departments or public offices, on which he shall charge i*)PP”°p'l*§‘i‘;,“ has for all prmting and binding ordered by the heads of said departments or p$§€,;£1§ gmt? public offices, in accordance with the schedule of prices established in ac- 1 cordance with law, and it shall not be lawful for him to cause to be executed any printing or binding the value whereof shall exceed the amount appropriated for such purpose. And the congressional printer is Clerk. hereby authorized to employ a clerk of class two to have charge of said accounts ; and that he make a detailed report of each account with depart- R¤P°**· ments or public offices to Congress in his annual report. Sec. 4. That all acts and parts of acts prescribing and limiting the Certain limit number of congressional documents to be printed for the use of any head m ¤“mb°' °f of department or public office are hereby repealed. ggglziyuu m` Sec. 5. That all proceeds of sales of old material, condemned stores, Proceeds of supplies, or other public property of any kind, shall hereafter be depos- ;’*I$”l°‘;§°m,;‘*’·" ited and covered into the treasury as miscellaneous receipts, on account ;gri;,’uS,;i’m§1w of “ proceeds of government property," and shall not be withdrawn or ¤PPii<>d· applied except in consequence of a subsequent appropriation made by S°};;72*°§§.,34S‘ law; and a. detailed statement of all such proceeds of sales shall be in- Detdilbd statecluded in the appendix to the book of estimates. But this section shall m??;: . not be held to repeal the existing authority of law in relation to marine not 0S5E3i3i0a,, hospitals, revenue-cutters, the clothing fund of the navy, or the sale of &c. commissary stores to the officers of the army. And it shall be the duty Register of of the register of the treasury to furnish to the proper accounting TF‘fs“”{€*;’0fQ" officers copies of all warrants covering such proceeds, where the same I;;,r;;¥S,gm_ may be necessary in the settlement of accounts in their respective offices. Sec. 6. That the public grounds surrounding the Capitol shall be en- Public grounds larged (according to the plan approved by the committees on public ?3“:)db;h;¤‘;°P‘ buildings of the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, 1,,,g€d_ which plan is hereby directed to be deposited in the custodyof the Sec- Planretary of the Interior) by extension between First street east and First street west, in the following manner: northwardly to the south side of _ What to be North B street, and southwardly to the north side of South B street, g£‘}§l$·p 537 including, in addition to so much of the reservations, avenues, and ’' streets as are necessary for such extension, the two squares designated on the plan of the city of Washington as numbers six hundred and eighty- seven and six hundred and eighty-eight, respectively. S20. 7. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to The Secretary purchase, from the owner or owners thereof, at such price, not exceeding ;1;‘;‘§ag§*ff;;fl° its actual cash value, as may be mutually agreed on between the Secre- Ownm Such pri, tary and such owner or owners, and not exceeding the appraisal made by vm property as the commission of nine in their report to Robert Ould, United States 8°;Q°°“` district attorney for the District of Columbia, on the twenty-first day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, such private property as may be necessary for carrying this act into effect, the value of the property Limit asso so purchased to be paid to the owner or owners thereof, out of any P¤°°- money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, on the requisition of · said Secretary: Provided, That before such payment shall be made,_the Sudicxeréttconowner or owners of the property purchased shall, by good and sufficxent e °" deed or deeds, in due form of law, and approved by the Attorney-General of the United States, fully release and convey to the United States all