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142 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 193, 194. 1872. _...M·¤**·**"· °“‘“""‘°‘}}mj’;Z.éZ‘z,§"J;"L;’»”°,»:‘;°@Zi£'?f;£;$Z,’ii.?$iZ"5Z$f$%iM""“""l""’°" Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Representatiées of tim United Cegmiq pq1M- States of America in Oangress assembéed two-thirds of each house concurgn';":g*fl;2;: an ring therein), Thai; all political disabildsies imposed by the third section of E,,.s,,;s,°xwpt, the fourteenth article of amendments of the Constitution of the United ¤· ‘ States arc hereby removed from all persons whomsoever except Senators ggjfggggg; and Representatives of the thirty-sixth and thirty-scvzmh Congresses, £;m11x,pp.vi11., ohicers in the judicial, military, and naval service of the United States, heads of departments, and foreign ministers of the United States. Armovmn, May 22, 1872. M¤y 22, 1872- CH2M;- EXCIV-—A••hA<;_ A;i;¢¤p;2a¢€orz·;Ifm· wysgr gud diplomatii Serum °_1_`_——_`-_-0t8U87‘7l27ltTt .cirl£et' d -t,nd

 2 ¢(1T27I21|g Mh ,819 Il T2 G7I<8CDC7L#y 116 (1

Be it enacted by the Sonata and House of Representatives of the United diQ:f;*:g;*a¤¤d Siam of America Qu Congress assembled, That the following sums bc, and prgations ;m.Pp'°` the ssgug are hereby, appropriated for the service of the fiscal year ending xw ending Phe thxrtmth of June, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, out of any money ““° mv 1 73· m thedtreasu1·{r not otherwise appropriated, for the objects hereinafter expresse uamcy: mgimygnpzingi GForé:3a1arics of envoys extraordina1·{{m1d ministers plcnipotentiary to .’ _° ‘ rea?. ricaiu rama Germany and ussis., at seventeen thousand five pomtmy hundred dpllags eaqh, zgevenlty th¢;usand dollars. th To Sg?1i1Austr1? ]}ras11,fMexi1<;o, Ja%a,t1l,1§}hinu, and Italy, at twelve ousau dollars sac mg ty- our thousand dollars. (logo Chili and Poéu, at ten thousand dollars cacb,twenty thousand ars. Mi¤fi¤*°¥¤ M? For ministers resident at Portu 1 S' dem _ ga, mtzcrlaud, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Turkey Ecuador Co1um— bm.} Qohvin., Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costs;. Rica., IiOD.d`C11‘B.S, and bulvador, Hawauan Islands, and the Argentine Republic, at seven 9,,6 mmm!. thousand fws hundred dollars each, one hundred and forty-two thousand Eanggnxatieg flivedlyzudred dollars: Provuled, That ou and after Jqng thirt.y,_eightcen com Rmx Mw HD. ed and seventy-three, there shall be but one minister resident ac— and his ms,. credited to Guatemala, Costa Rica., Honduras, Salvador, and Nicaragua, d§c:bm P. 471 and Quay the. President be authorized to select the place of residence for U > °th;`m1H1SDG1' 111 any one of those States. rugua and or't 'd · P?Q2?ZL ¥“§·?;<‘°?;;?gY$?$~*° mm ” P““g""’f °1°'°" m‘““‘* thousand dv; }$uu<;I1$—:l<;.1B§>rHaT:¤§1deut and consul-general at Haw], Seven dogg; minister resident and consul-general at Liberia, four thousand S¤¤¤'¤*~¤fi¤¤ ¤f For isalaxies of secretaries of 1 ’ · · legnmm, d . , Bgauou at London Paris, and Berlm 31; ,,;,m,t,_ an as tyvo thousand mx hundred and twenty-five’, seven thouszind _ ta ¤¤g}£_¤ hwdrcd and seveng-xm d011m. ammmmm for _ 0 enable Robprt C. cpunck, minister to Great Britain, to employ a gobm 0. Pf*"*·°h“m?*“u°¤$!¤» ¤·¤¤01‘d111g to joint resolution approved January gitzxgciz PMN. s12E61E0h agghteen hundred and seventy-one, two thousand five hun- For salaries of secretaries of le‘ · · . _ gatwn to Austria Bra.z11 Ital M g;§?*;;l;1:;E·r§é>;1§h;;s?no thousand eight hundred dollars eacgh, tar{,th0$1;;g3 _ °F B bs of assistant 990!`9t8J‘i6B of t11B Ie ations be France Great Eg]:?;;; wd Germany, at two thousand dolirs each, six tlfouszmd I“t“P"°""· For sailar f th · . China', Eva gugming xix? °f 1°g‘m°n (acting 3180 as mtcrpreber} to