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FORTYZSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 310, 311. 1872. 229 concurrent action of the authorities of the United States and the Cher- Reservation of okee nation, the said Osages were removed from their former homes in *ll° Grwt and the State of Kansas to a reservation set apart for them in the Indian lfigxougc Im Territory, at the time of the removal supposed to be west of the said ‘ ninety-sixth meridian, and bounded on the east thereby, and upon which said Osages have made substantial and valuable improvements; and whereas by a recent survey and establishment of the ninety-sixth meridian it appears that the most valuable portion of said Osage reservation, and upon which all their improvements are situated, lies east of the said meridian; and whereas it therefore became necessary to select other lands in lieu of those found to be east of the established ninety-sixth meridian for said Osage Indians; and whereas a tract has accordingly been selected, lying between the western boundary of the reservations heretofore set apart for said Indians and the main channel of the Arkansas river, with the south line of the State of Kansas for a northern boundary, and the north line of the Creek country and the main channel of the Arkansas river for a southern and western boundary; and whereas the act of Congress approved July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, restricts the said reservation for said Osage Indians to " a tract of land in compact form equal in quantity to one hundred and sixty acres for each member of said tribe ;" and whereas in a letter of the Cherokee delegation, addressed to the Secretary of the Interior on the eighth day of April, eighteen hundred and seventy-two on behalf of the Cherokee nation, containing their approval of and assent to the proposition to provide for the settlement of the Osage and Kaw Indians on that portion of the Cherokee country lying west of the ninety-sixth degree west longitude, south of Kansas, east and north of the Arkansas river: There fore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in order to provide said Atract of land Osage tribe of Indians with a reservation, and secure to them a surlicient W€$?dQm“> 96*]* quantity of land suitable for cultivation, the following-described tract of g;;;,;n,,Si.;58,_ country, west of the established ninety-sixth meridian, in the Indian Ter- vation for the ritory, be, and the same is hereby, set apart for and confirmed as their g;;;;i‘;%,{;‘;f;l“ reservation, namely: Bounded on the east by the ninety-sixth meridian, Boundaries_' on the south and west by the north line of the Creek country and the main channel of the Arkansas river, and on the north by the south line of the State of Kansas: Provided, That the location as aforesaid shall be Location made under the provisions of article sixteen of the treaty of eighteen hundred and sixty-six, so far as the same may be applicable thereto: And provided further, That said Great and Little Osage tribe of Indians Kansag rn. shall permit the settlement within the limits of said tract of land [of] the <1i¤¤S mey bv Kansas tribe of Indians, the lands so settled and occupied by said Kan- ::;S:%f°3,;h§,€-8, sas Indians, not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres for each member and Little Osage of said tribe, to be paid for by said Kansas tribe of Indians out of the ‘¤b“· proceeds of the sales of their lands in Kansas, at a price not exceeding that paid by the Great and Little Osage Indians to the Cherokee nation of Indians. Approved, June 5, 1872. CHAP. CCCXI. - An Act to providejbr the Restoration of the Records of the Proceed— June 5, 1872. ings of the Court of Inquiry concerning the Operations of the Army under the Command ""‘“"""_°° ¢y" General Don Carlos Buell, in Kentucky and Tennessee. `Wnrznrcns it appears in the matter of investigation made by the court of Preambleinquiry, in the years eighteen hundred and sixty-two and eighteen hundred and sixty-three, into the operations of the army under the command of General Don Carlos Buell, in Kentucky and Tennessee, that the records of the proceedings of said court are not to be found on the proper files in the l¢Var Department; and whereas it further appears that there is now in