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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. 287 person so offending shall be immediately dismissed from office, and shall ¤Q°¤* M °<>¤· be liable to pay so much money as would have been realized from said m;;`;],??' contract, to be recovered in an action of debt, for the use of the Post-oflice Department. Sec. 13. That all bonds taken and contracts entered into by the Post- Bonds and conoffice Department shall be made to and with the United States of *"“°°’l° be ‘° A¤¤¤ri<>¤¤· ii".S.1'é"é§.h.2.. Sec. 14. That no person employed in the postal service shall receive No employee any fees or perquisites on account of the duties to be performed by virtue to receive fees or of his appointment. i>¤rq¤i¤»i¢s¤· Sec. 15. That before entering u on the duties, and before they shall postmaster. receive any salary, the Postmaster-(general and all persons employed in S¤¤*=f¤l¤¤<l ¤ll the postal—scrvice, shall respectively take and subscribe, before some g;[;Elg¥?&2,::F° magistrate or other competent officer, the following oath or affirmation: tion; “ I, A. B., do solemnly swear (or amrm, as the case may be) that I will mm? faithfully perform all the duties required of me, and abstain from every thing forbidden by the laws in relation to the establishment of post-offices and post-roads within the United States; and that I will honestly and truly account for and pay over any money belonging to the said United States which y come into my possession or control: So help me, God." And this oathmor affirmation may be taken before any officer, civil or bgfgyg whom military, holding a commission under the United States, and such officer *¤l<¢¤- is hereby authorized to administer and certify such oath or aflirmation. SEO. 16. That every person employed in the postal service shall be E¤]¤Pl<>Y¤¤¤¤>b• subject to all the pains, penalties, and forfeitures for violation of the laws :;2·l°§,;_t°;§°,°2?;l relating to such service, whether he has taken the oath or aiiirmation pre- latidn of law, scribed in the preceding section or not. gym °€h‘“*h°“* Sec. 17. That telegrams between the several departments of the gov- %`&:grgmS 0,,,, ernment and their officers and agents, in their transmission over the lines certain lines to of any company to which has been given the right of way, timber, or l;;§°al’f;‘{;;;Y· station lands from the public domain, shall have priority over all other rates. business, at such rates as the Postmaster-General shall annually hx. Sec. 18. ’I`hat every order, entry, or memorandum whatever, on which Allqrdm. &¢·. any action is to be based, allowance made, or money paid, and every con- g;'1d"Q;fl‘13ag't§‘* tract, paper, or obligation made by or with the Post-oflice Department, sie., to have lzrue shall have its true date aiiixed to it; and every paper relating to con- dms mX°d· tracts or allowances nled in the department shall have the date when it Date of filing was filed indorsed upon it. of °““=“¤ P*P°”· Sec. 19. That the Postmaster-General shall furnish a copy of his an- Postmasternual estimates to the Secretary of the Treasury prior to the first of No- g:;?:} gfgées vember in each year, which shall be reported to Congress by the latter in to Secretary of bis regular printed estimates. g”°=§S¤F>’» °¥`°¢‘¤i Sec. 20. That the Postmaster-General shall transmit a copy of each igjsend copy 0,- postal convention concluded with foreign governments to the Secretary postal convenof State, who shall furnish a copy of the same to the congressional ;f’§‘£°S£;°'°"Y printer, for publication; and the printed proof-sheets of all such conven- ’ ` tions shall be revised at the Post-office Department. Sec. 21. That there shall be appointed by the President, by and with Auditor of the advice and consent of the Senate, an auditor of the treasury for the §f;;‘5‘;;§c‘;’lb‘;f° POS!}-Oll‘l06 'Department. partment; Sec. 22. That the said auditor shall receive all accounts arising in the his powers and Post-oflice Department, or relative thereto, with the vouchers necessary dudesto a correct acljustnient thereof, and shall audit and settle the same and certify the balances thereon to the Postmaster—General. He shall keep and preserve all accounts and vouchers after settlement. He shall close the accounts of the department quarterly, and transmit to the Secretary i of the Treasury quarterly statements of its receipts and expenditures. é He shall report to the Postmaster-General, when required to do so, the Q manner and form of keeping and stating the accounts of the department,