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292 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. ¤<>ll¤*¤ j>*` ¤'¤<>¤<·=>’¤ certify quarterly to the Postma.ster—Geuera.l on [au] account of the money f°:I{Q1£§§’,?$,E‘;‘:;fpaid by postmasters out of the receipts of their officcs, and pursuant m ccipts of their appropriations, on account of the expenses of the postal service, designating °*H°"; the heads under which such payments were made. amount to bg Sm. 53. That upon the certified quarterly statement by the auditor for

3<;S€°&l:>¤¤l the Post-office Department of the payments by postrxiesters on account

’of the postal servwe, the Postmaster-General shall issue his warrant to the treasurer to carry the amount to the credit of the postal revenues and to the debit of the proper appropriations upon the books of the audibor. Postalreve- Sec. 54. That the postal revenues, and all debts due the Post-office

$3-;}:2 b° Department, shall, when collected, be paid into the treasury of the United

tms,m,_ States, under the direction of the Postmastc1·—Ge¤erul; and the treasurer, ljupliqgfg N- assistant treasurer, or designated depositary receiving such payment shall ¤°ll>*S· give the depositor duplicate receipts therefor. _ Devosils one- Sec. 55. That. all deposits on account of the postal service shall be

 brought into the treasury by warrants of the Postmaster-General, ooungc, ’ tersigned by the auditor; and no credit shall be allowed for any deposit

until such warrant has been issued. Tmusrer or' Sec. 56. That the Postmaster-General may transfer money belonging

‘E;*;8 to the postal service between the treasurer, assistant treasurer, and desig-

' mated depositaries, at his discretion, and as the safety of the public money and the convenience of the service may require. Fines and pen- Sec. 57. That all fines and penalties imposed for any violation of any jill]? g°·· lztw relating to the Post—office Department, or of any other law where such u,cm&Su,y, 9,,- violation affects the revenue or property of the Post-office Department, cepf, &¤- shall, when collected or recovered, be paid into the treasury, to the credit of the United States, for the use of the Post—0flice Department, excepting, however, such part thereof as may, by law, belong to the party informing or prosecuting for the same. m:»_€;“(l}<;l;H_;*g¤· Sec. 58. That the P08h1H38E6P-G€D€Y&l may dispose of any quarterly scm &c__ nlm, returns of mails sent or received, preserving the accounts-currem, and all be llispmll Jl"; accompanying vouchers, and use such portions of the proceeds as may be XlCC0lUli.S`(0 be necessary to defray the cost of separating and disposing of them; but the {{;f£‘:"°d “" “'° accounts shall be preserved entire for at least two years. ' rlYmlm, &e., SHO. 59. That the Postmaster-General may provide, by regulations, for }¤=l*l¤f l‘¤ll¤=*l¤il¤S the disposition of printed and maileble matter which may remain in any Q1;,;:;? hl:,°Q:L&is_ post-0iHce, or in the department, not called for by the party addressed; posed ull but if the publisher of any refused or uncalled-for newspaper or other periodical shall pay the postage due thereon, such newspaper or other periodical shall be excepted from the operation of this section. New bond or Sec. 60. That when any postmaster shall be required to execute a new ““§_l""""""‘*°*'* bond, all payments made by him after the execution of such new bond 1Sil ])&_\’l1lCXllS . . . . . mm,mu,_ may, 1f the 1’ostma.ster-General or the auditor shall deem it Just, be epphed fire;. toh<1iscgurgeds.ny balance which may be due from said postmaster un er is 0 bon . I*¤sr—ome-as Slcc. 61. That the Postmaster-General shall establish post-offices at all

&’°§;***b· such places 011 post-roads established by law as he may deem expedient,

’aihd l1eHsl1:ag promptly certify such establishment to the auditor for the ost—0 ce epertmeiit.

 if Slcc. 62. That any person who shall, without authority from the PostlQ___,l_‘“ p_;St_ master-Generel, set. up or profess to keep any office or place of business

nnleelyllllout bearing the sign, name, or Dblé of post—ofIice, shall forfeit and pay, for

    • '*‘—‘°‘"*>'· every such oflimce, not more than five hundred dollars.

&A;>1;9i¤¤j:¤<~i¤t, §lGC- 63. That postmasters of the fourth and fifth class shall be apw;·0°} _:;;*°` pomted and may be removed by the Postm:lste1·—Geneml, and all others and ml. classes; shall be appointed and may be removed by the President, by and with th9 of all other ullvice and consent of the Senate, and shall hold their offices for four years °l‘*‘**°”· unless 5001161* removed or suspended according to law, and 2.11 appointments