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FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. S1css.III. Ch. 226. 1873. 507 bagging, paper, twine, gum, and other necessary materials, five thousand dollars. For labor on ·experimental garden, and for flower-pots, repairs to Experimental green-house, and purchase of new plants and seeds for the same, ten €""·°“- &°· thousand dollars. For stationery, two thousand dollars ; for freight-charges, one thousand St¤~¢i<>¤¢¤‘>’.&¤ eight hundred dollars; for fuel, one thousand eight hundred dollars; for A lights, five hundred dollars; for repairs of building, heating-apparatus, furniture, and water and gas pipes, one thousand two hundred dollars; for keep of horses, one thousand five hundred dollars; for new furniture, - one thousand dollars ; for paper, twine, and gum for folding—room, three hundred dollars; for cases for the department museum, one thousand five hundred dollars; for collecting and modeling specimens of fruits and vegetables, and collecting and preparing specimens for the museum and herbarium, two thousand dollars; for cases for the library, five hundred dollars; for entomological works of reference, two hundred and fifty dollars; for botanical works of reference, two hundred and fifty dollars; for works on chemistry, mineralogy, and charts, five hundred dollars ; for chemicals and contingent expenses, seven hundred dollars; for current agricultural works for the library, two hundred and fifty dollars; for miscellaneous agricultural periodicals, two hundred and fifty dollars; for incidental and miscellaneous items, namely, for advertising, postage, telegraphing, dry goods, soap, brushes, brooms, mats, oils, paints, glass, lumber, hardware, ice, purchase of old reports, five thousand dollars, in all, twenty-one thousand three hundred dollars. JUDICIAL Judicial. United States Courts. —— For the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Ummd Sm,,,,, the United States, eigh-t thousand five hundred dollars; and for eight c<>¤rtS- associate justices, eight thousand dollars each; in all, seventy-two thou- Cgggrcme sand five hundred dollars. Salary, fees, For one retired justice of the Supreme Court, eight thousand dollars. gw of clgk of { And that the salary, emoluments, and fees of the clerk of the supreme Dli§;€;l€?,;é)£i,,§_ court of the District of Columbia shall not exceed the sum of six thou- bis, not to exsand dollars per annum, and that the excess of fees collected by him, °°§€X?gg)& be above that sum, shall be paid into the treasury of the United States; and paid into the that said clerk shall make semi-annual returns of the amount of fees *Y€§S¤P>’· received by him, to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United Iegigjanuual States. For nine circuit judges to reside in circuit, fifty-four thousand dollars. Circuit judges_ For salary of the reporter of the decisions of the Supreme Court of the Reporter or United States, two thousand five hundred dollars. d°°lSi°¤S- For the salary of the marshal of the Supreme Court, three thousand Marshal. five hundred dollars. For-salaries of the district judges of the United States, including the Districtjndges. salaries of the retired judges of the eastern district of Texas, southern district of Ohio, and eastern district of Michigan, one hundred and ninety-

three thousand dollars.

Q For salaries of the chief justice of the supreme court of the District of sx1J3S1g2S0g2d E Columbia, and the four associate judges, twenty thousand five hundred Oflihc Umm, of é dOll2t1‘s. · 1 h Columbia. i For compensation of the district attorneys of the United States, nine- Distrigtattor- {_ teen thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. glfggan mm"

 For compensation of the district marshals of the United States, eleven

, thousand seven hundred dollars. _ W d f _ _1

 For salary of the warden of the jail in the District of Columbia, two in   of lm

E hl10U55k11d (lOlla.1‘S. Columbia.