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508 FOR.TY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 226. 1873. Qourt of Oourt of Olalms. —— For salaries of five judges of the court of claims, at °l’g$;,es°, four thousand five hundred dollars each; the chief clerk, three thousand ,,,1,;,,,,,, clerks, dollars; and assistant clerk, two thousand dollars; bailiili one thousand ¤i1M£&¤- five hundred dollars; and messenger thereof; in all, twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and forty dollars. stationary, For stationery, books, fuel, labor, and other contingent and miscellane- ,F°l>°1`¤l¤§ d€~ ous expenses, three thousand dollars; for reporting the decisions of the cmg3E,,,,, court, clerical hire, labor in preparing and superintending the printing of volume ofreports. the seventh volume of the reports of the court of claims, to be paid on the order of the court, one thousand dollars. •l“dS¤*°¤*¤~ To pay judgments of the court of claims, four hundred thousand dollars,. J“g€§;¤m¤¤¤<>f DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. Odiee ofAttor— Officc of the Attorney/—General. — For compensation of the Attorney- ”‘;¥;€f,';.‘K’::,,r_ General, eight thousand dollars; solicitor-general, seven thousand five my-(;€,,m;, hundred dollars; three assistant attorneys-general, at five thousand dol- S<>l§¤ifor—s¢¤¤¤f¤l, lars each; one assistant attorney-general of post-office department, foru- ”°"mm°S’ &°' thousand dollars; solicitor of internal revenue, five thousand dollars; naval solicitor and judge advocate-general, three thousand five hundred dollars; examiner of claims, three thousand five hundred dollars; law clerk, acting as examiner of titles three thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand two hundred dollars; stenographic clerk, two thousand dollars; one clerk. two thousand dollars; seven clerks of class four; additional for disbursing clerk, two hundred dollars; two clerks of class three, one clerk of class two, two clerks of class one, one messen er, two assistant messengers, two laborers, and two watchmen ; in all, eighty thousand six hundred and sixt dollars. SO;;,;;,,, of the Qyice of the Solicitor of the Treasu1jy.—For compensation of the treasury. assist- solicitor of the treasury, three thousand five hundred dollars; assistant °°°’ °1“k“*&°’ solicitor, three thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; four clerks of class four, three clerks of class three, three clerks of class two, two clerks of class one, one messenger, and one laborer; in all, twenty- eight thousand six hundred and sixty dollars. Contingent ex- For contingent expenses of the Department of Justice, namely: Fuel, P°¤S°S· labor, stationery, and miscellaneous items, fifteen thousand dollars; for rent of building, seventeen thousand dollars; for furniture and law-books, six thousand dollars. Secretary of Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the Treasury is directed to withhold all

  • hF,'f,’<,¤S¤*Y W payments to any railroad company and its assigns, on account of freights
,2,;,80,2 5%,,,,, or transportation, over their respective roads, of any kind, to the amount

railroad coin? of payments made by the United States for interest upon bonds of tho E:,“‘“ f°’““‘€1“» United States issued to any such company, and which shall not have ' been reimbursed together with the five per cent. of net earnings due and Companies unapplied as provided by law; and any such company may bring suit Pm}' mus? Sm in the court of claims to recover theprice of such freight and transporm tourt of ,,1,,,,,,, tation; and in such suit the right of such company to recover the same upon the law and the facts of the case shall be determined and also the rights of the United States upon the merits of all the points presented App<¤=¤l*<> by it in answer thereto by them and either party to such suit may SIIPTCHIB COIITL 1 · · Umm ,0 ,,,,,,8 appeal to the Supreme Court; and both said courts shall give such cause precedence. or causes precedence of all other business. Sara,-gas of cs,. Sec. 3- Tllat from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred tzaligbopgpggsamr and seventy-three, the salary of the supervising architect of the treas- Mr I? 1**3- EIR`? H13?.EZ°2iTZ’iS1.°,IZiiT£Zl°F §?'§1EZ2’ $§1.`l.F}ihFZ}“$}“$t§ft$iLZ.S-’§-` ‘ 9 7 the commissioner of agriculture, the commissioner of customs, the auditors of the treasury, the commissioner of the general land-office, the commissioner of pensions, and the assistant postmastersgeneral, the