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540 FOR'l.`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sress. III. Ch. 228. 1873. fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy; and for that purpose there is hereby appropriated, from any money in the treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated, the sum of five hundred and thirteen thousand three hundred `and fbrty-three dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessarv. .Subsisroncs For this amount, or so much thereof as ma be necessary, for the sub- 9 y §$°·· <%A’l<‘k=**’i, sistence, civilization, and care of the Arickare, Gros Ventre, and Mandan y&;°§d,:‘iz$’,;?s_ Indians, at Fort Berthold agency, Dakota, to make up deficiency in the appropriation for the fiscal year ending June thirticth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, seventy-six thousand dollars. Miscellaneous. Jfsce/laneous. —— For introduction of shad into the rivers and lakes of Sh£g*’°‘l¤°¤°¤ °f the United States, to be expended under the United States commissioner ' of fish and fisheries, ten thousand dollars. Folding docu- For a deficiency in the appropriation for folding documents in the m°¤*$· House of Representatives, eight thousand dollars. 1;,,-,,5 and Ba;. To pay Rives and Bailey for reporting and the publication of the le)'- debates and proceedings of the forty-second Congress, forty-two thousand dollars. Publicpriuting. For the public printing, nfty thousand dollars.

  1. 1. Wolf. To reimburse S. lVol§ recorder of deeds for the District of Columbia,

for certain- books of record and indexes purchased by him for theuse of his office in the years eighteen hundred and seventy-one and eighteen hundred and seventy-two, one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. W. H. Powell. To pay the last installment due W. H. Powell for picture illustrative of Perry’s victory, nine hundred and five dollars. Ima,-,,,,t;,,,,,,_i To pay for five hundred copies of the proceedings of the International P1‘iS<>¤ Rsibfm Prison Reform Congress which assembled in London in July, eighteen C°°gr°”' hundred and seventy-two, for the use of the commissioner of the United States at said congress, one thousand five hundred dollars. Congressional For repair and improvement of the congressional cemetery, to be ex- <>¤¤¤¢*€l‘Y· pended under the direction of and on vouchers to be approved by the oliieer in charge of public buildings and grounds of the District of Columbia, two thousand dollars. Board of To enable the board of health of the District of Columbia to perform h°°“h· the duties imposed upon them by law, thirty-nine thousand three hundred dollars. C0h,,,,i,;,, H0,- For completion of the building known as the Columbia Hospital pim fvf W¢>¤¤¤¤· for \Vomen: For a steam-heating apparatus, for remodeling the upper stories in order to have more rooms, and to ventilate the building properly, fifteen thousand dollars. Purchase of For the purchase by the United States of the interest of the District Fl*3G,h’*U.*’“‘ld‘”€ of Columbia in the present city-hall building in \Vashin·rton, now used m ashrngton. ° °. solely for government purposes, such sum as may be determined by three Appraisers. impartial appraisers to be selected by the Secretary of the Interior, not Purchase- exceeding seventy-five thousand dollars, the same to be applied by said £1¤¤¤y,_hé>W *° District only for the erection of a suitable building for the District °app’° ‘ offices; and lhe governor and hoard of public works are authorized, if _ Land for new they deem it 8.(lV1S2Ll)l€ for that purpose, to make arrangements to secure b“*l'~l'¤g· sufficient land fronting on Pennsylvania and Louisiana avenues. between Provisc. Seventh and Ninth streets: Provided, That the government of the United States shall not be liable for any expenditures for said land, or for the purchase-money therefor, or for the buildings to be erected thereon ; and no land, or the use thereof, is hereb oranted for the our ose of erectin any [`Il < lng ereon, or suc lll c incr. b`ll' th f hbllyb I P g dgxngzbase apd For purchase and distribution of viiluable seeds, being so much of the l;; “°'°“° appropriation for the Department of Agriculture. for fiscal year ending June tlnrtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, erroneously carried to the surplus fund, two thousand one hundred and eighty dollars and ninety- two cents.